Thursday, March 22, 2018

Easter Place Setting Ideas.

Easter is one week from Sunday!!!
Can you even believe it?

How oh how does time rush on by so fast??

If you're hosting Easter dinner....or brunch...or ANYTHING at your house! are some cute ways to make your tables look pretty:


Those carrots in the middle of that vase with the fresh flowers might just be my favorite thing ever!

So clever, right?


If carrots aren't your thing - how about lemons?
These would look GORGE with some yellow daffodils!


Love the green, leafy sprig on this one.
And that bunny in the middle is a cookie!


Looking for something simple?
Just add a fresh flower to the napkin roll and tie with a pink satin ribbon. 

Easy Peasy.


I also love the simplicity of this white egg with a name handwritten on it. And those little nests you can find at any craft store right now.


I have a collection of pastel colored ceramic egg cups and I never do anything with them.  LOVE this idea of putting soil and flowers in them and using em as a place setting. 


Saved the best for last.
Yup - just a peep and a name card.

That's it!

Just cut 2 tiny slits on the ears and place the card right in there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2fer Tuesday.



This movie is based on a TRUE story and is on Netflix.

Jack Black does a phenomenal job and I was FASCINATED with this whole thing!! 


This was a 2 part documentary on A&E all about Waco, TX {before Chip and Joanna made it cool} and David Koresh.  We watched the first part last night and I'm already ready to put the kids to bed and watch the second part with Joe tonight!

Sooooooo crazy!!
And to think that there are STILL followers today!!!


This candybar.

It's my new fave.

I know, I know, I posted something OREO last week.
But THIS grocery store had a FREE digitial coupon for one of these and you KNOW I can't pass up FREE.  

Or chocolate and mint.

It's delish!

And TRUE STORY right here ↑↑↑

Monday, March 19, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we all slept in and then I made a big breakfast of scambled eggs + green chiles, sausage, hashbrowns and English muffins.

{Fun Fact: When you buy English muffins - - always buy the Thomas ones.  Never buy the store brand.  THERE IS A DIFF!}

* I did some Visiting Teaching Friday afternoon and brought along some GREEN treats....

No worries - - if you haven't gotten your VT done yet - - I've still got my EASTER tags that you can use!
 Download {for FREE!} HERE.

* Date night Friday night at the Tempe Improv with some of our favorite friends.  We saw...

You guys!!
If you have never heard of this comedian - - you MUST watch his Netflix special: Happy Face.

He is my FAVE!
I seriously had to cross my legs I was laughing SO hard!
{Because you know...pee?}

We met him afterwards and I may have told him that we should be BFFs.  

Sadly - I don't think he agreed.
{I'll give him time.}

This pic cracks me up.
We're so blessed to have such fun friends!

Afterwards...dessert at Hurts Donuts.

I have ALWAYS wanted to try this place - it's gotten such great reviews and it did not disappoint.

{Get their Chewbacca. Or anything with their toasted coconut.  YUM!}

We stayed out until midnight chatting and laughing up a storm.  {We haven't stayed out that late in forever! Normally we're in our jammies on the couch and watching Dateline by 9:00! 😅} Such a fun night.

* Saturday {St. Patty's Day} we whipped up some GREEN bread {recipe HERE - and it's more like a cake! So yummy!}

* One of my cute friend's hosted a little Shamrock Shin-dig.
She went all out: Mississippi mud roast, shephards pie, corned beef and cabbage...the works!

I tried to only 'sample' the goods because Saturday night we went out with one of our favorite couples to a new seafood joint for dinner.

And yes - - I don't like seafood.
But I took one ofr the team.
{It's pretty much Joe's FAVORITE!}

I DO like clam chowder and theirs was probably the BEST I've ever had. Not exaggerating.  

Our friend {the cute blonde in the middle} is the manager and she spoiled us rotten!! She brought me chicken wings and artichoke hearts and I was in heaven!!

Also: their BUTTER CAKE for dessert was complete BLISS and I've been dreaming about it ever since!!
{It had me at BUTTER!}

{Locals: this place is at Tempe Marketplace. SO good! Even for non-seafood lovers like me.😜}

* No churchey-church on Sunday for London and I.
She's just been getting over a cough so we thought it was best to sit this week out.

* We had Kirk and Adam over for dinner.
Joe grilled cheeseburgers and I made my Grandma's Applesauce Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert.
{These cookies will forever remind me of my childhood!}