Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2fer Tuesday.


I've tried LOTS of the Healthy Choice frozen steamer bowls.
I thought for sure when I pulled this one out of the oven it was gonna taste like barf because ya just never know!

You guys!!! It was ridiculously DELICIOUS!!!
Like...it might just be my new favorite kind!!!

These ramen chicken bowls can be found at Costco and THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!

Tons of flavor!


This is making me laugh SO hard right now...

And this new song is my new FAVE....

Listen HERE.

Monday, January 13, 2020

This Weekend:

We made it through our first week back to school after Christmas break!

I celebrated Friday morning with my friend by going to breakfast at The Henhouse.

So. Dang. Delish.
When you eat there for breakfast...you don't have to eat again until dinner, you're SO stuffed!

Grocery shopped afterwards....
{Grocery shopping on a Friday is ALWAYS better than grocery shopping on Saturday.  Who's with me?}

The kids had dance and hangouts on Friday night and so Joe and I stayed in, watched Dateline and ordered take out from LoCal Eats. {Pretty much the perfect night if you ask me.}

We shared their carne asada fries - - oh goodness!
Best. Ever!

* Saturday was spent at the dance studio with other dance moms, blinging out London's competition costumes with rhinestones.

The things we do for our kids!!!

* Baby shower for my cute friend on Saturday night.
She's having her fifth baby - bless her!!
So fun to get together with friends and visit.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

London sang a solo in Sacrament meeting...

She sang this new primary song for 2020 and it's hands down my new favorite!

I had to give a talk.
I shared this qoute...

Which is also a new favorite of mine.
{Wish I knew who said it?}

* Dinner at our friend's house on Sunday night.
My sweet friend just knew after speaking at church that I wouldn't want to come home and cook dinner.  
Isn't that nice?

Friday, January 10, 2020

Star Wars Valentines.

Love is in the air!
I've got alllll of my Valentine decor officially out and it's time to start thinking about Valentine cards!!

The last couple of years my #1 Valentine card in my 
Etsy shop has been....

I decided it was time to make a girl version of it so this year I bring you....

I've also got....

And who doesn't LOVE Baby Yoda, am I right?!...

Lastly...because my popcorn tags at Christmas time are always a hit...I decided it was time to create some POPCORN themed Valentines....

You can find ALL of my printable Valentines in my Etsy shop HERE!