Friday, January 24, 2020

Fun Finds Friday.

Target's $ spot is on point right now!!

Isn't that the cutest phrase ever?

There are SO many things you can do with these silver trays.

Who doesn't LOVE cute, felt garland?

These wrappers make for some easy-peasy Valentine treats!

Do you live in a place that actually snows a lot?

I've never seen these before but they look like SNOW much fun! {See what I did there? 😜}

And since we live in a place that NEVER snows...I thought these looked like a fun alternative....

FAKE snowballs!

Having an ice-cream themed party soon?

Wouldn't these canvas bags make fun little party favors?

Lastly...over at Wal-mart....

I about died when I saw this darling romper.
I would've snatched it right up BUT....London is sadly at the age now where she has an opinion in pretty much everything she wears.  I've found it easier if I take a pic of what I like, show it to her, and THEN go and buy it upon approval.

She's 10.

{Side note:  This cute romper DID get approved! I'm going back next week! Think they have them in matching MOM sizes? 😂}

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2fer Tuesday.


I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this orzo salad before but it definitely deserves a repost.  
It's SUPER yummy {minus the olives, bleh!} and super filling! 

If you're not buying your greeting cards from Trader Joe's, you're doing it all wrong. They are only 99 cents and they are DARLING! ALL of them!! It's my very favorite place for cards.


I sent this to my older sister who's single and we got a good laugh out of it.

{Side note: I have a cute sis who's SINGLE! Anyone know someone?!?😉}

I grew up in a family that laughed at EVERYTHING!

Monday, January 20, 2020

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I met a dear friend for breakfast at a new donut shop that opened up close to our neighborhood.

It's called Duck Donuts {locals: it's on Az Ave and Ocotillo} and it's pretty much TO DIE FOR!!!!

We each got a breakfast sandwich.....ON A DONUT!!!

My friend got hers drizzled with a maple glaze and I totally wish I'd have had mine done that same way!

The whole thing literally MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH!

Their donuts are made fresh and served HOT!

I brought home a box for my kids for an afterschool treat and they gobbled them right up! 
{Poor Joe...I need to go back and buy more!}

* Went grocery shopping afterwards.

Who else shops at Frys? 
It's pretty much my favorite....they have the BEST digital coupons!

* Once back home you better believe I changed right back into my jammies
 {because who doesn't at 11 am, am I right?😏} and watched more of my latest ob-sesh on Netflix...

You guys!!!!
I finished it over the weekend and it was SOOOOOO good!
{Coach Monica is pretty much my favorite person
 ever right now}.  I fell in love with all of characters and I was sad when it ended!!

* We ordered takeout from Floridinos Friday night and started watching....

Oh my goodness....another good one, guys!
So much stuff I wasn't even aware of with this true crime.
Mind blowing, really.
And sad.  
Sad that someone SO talented just let it all go to waste.

* Saturday the kids had dance practice.  

Their first competition of the season is next weekend and we are SO excited to go watch and cheer them on!!

* Date night Saturday night at the Gilbert Temple.

It was OH SO NICE to be there together.
I always feel so much clarity when I'm there.  

Joe wanted pizza after and I wanted burgers so we settled with one of our favorite taco joints for dinner....

Hands down the very best chips and queso in ALL of the valley + they have breakfast tacos ALL DAY LONG!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

London was tired of her brothers not being able to tie their own ties {shhhh} so she had Joe teach her, she pretty much picked it up in about 5 minutes and then she proceeded to rub it in their face for the rest of the day.

It was an EXTRA special Sunday because Grant was set apart as a Priest and Carson was set apart as a Teacher.
{These are groups within the Priesthood of our church and they have lots of special meaning}.

So proud of these two.  
Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE that they're so close in age?

Joe's parents and my dad were able to be apart of it which made it extra, EXTRA special.  
{My poor mom was at home sick 👎.}

It just seemed to be one of those occasions that made my heart wanna burst right outta my chest.

* We spent Sunday dinner over at Joe's twin brother's house with the rest of the Coombs clan.

SO fun getting together with everyone.

I don't know if my kids have realized yet how lucky they are to live SO close to all of their cousins.  Getting together with family is always a highlight for us!