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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Laguna Beach Day 3.

I LOVE Laguna Beach.
It's so charming and quaint.
If I was a ga-jillionare I would totally buy a condo there.
Who wouldn't?!

Our morning began with breakfast at the Penguin Cafe.

It came highly recommended on YELP {gosh I love Yelp!} and it did not disappoint!

It was a teeny little place and right on the water.
Home cooked food at it's finest.
Carson about had a heart attack at just how
 BIG his pancake was.  

We stopped at the grocery store afterwards and loaded up on ice, drinks and treats and then headed down to the beach.

We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day.

I think this might just be my new fave pic of my kids.

London skipped about the entire day...

...and dug in the sand....

While the boys rode their boogie boards for hours on end.
{Let's just say it took Carson a little while to warm up to the ocean.  Once he did though he exclaimed 'I never wanna leave!' Thank goodness for change of hearts.

We turned to YELP for dinner as well and found ourselves at Adolfo's.

A super casual...yummy little mexican joint.

We headed back to our hotel afterwards and spent the rest of the evening cleaning sand out of every last crevice of ours.

If there was a crevice - - sand was in it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Disneyland Day 2.

We spent our second day at the Diz entirely in the DISNEYLAND park. 

This one's my fave, people.

I told Joe that next time - - we need a third day - - just so I can browse through every last shop and eat at all of their yummy restaurants.  

It's ALL just so dang magical.

You KNOW we had to hit up my 
very favorite ride first of all - - - 

I could seriously ride 'It's a Small World' multiple times in a row and not get sick of it. {Wierd, I know.} I LOVE it!

We met up with fun friends from home for lunch!

We had reservations at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ and it did NOT disappoint! A little on the pricey side BUT super duper yummy.  Their cornbread was divine! And it was all outside so the kids could be kids without bothering other people!

Remember how yesterday we met up with London's teacher?
Well today we met up with her again + Carson's teacher! {plus another fun friend from school.}

Seriously - - how lucky were we?

Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with the entire crew {there were 21 of us!} was a must!

Lucky for me - - I got to ride with Mrs. Alger and her son and OMG - - I've never laughed so hard.

Let's just say - - they were not fans of the roller-coaster.
Which made me laugh EVEN harder!
Such good sports though, those two.

This trip - - my kids {and their pal} were introduced to the world of 'Pin Trading'.  It blew their minds.  They LOVED it!

Quite possibly the HIGHLIGHT of the day was when London got to walk around the park with Mary Poppins and the Chimney Sweeper!

Her little heart practically jumped right outta her body in delight!

We soaked in ALL of the fun Halloween scenery.
Disneyland really knows how to 'do it up' for the holidays.

Speaking of scenery - - 

This was our view at dinnertime.
And I don't mean Carson's Mickey Mouse pretzel.

Look again right behind MIckey's left ear.

I couldn't NOT take a pic.
You know me.

Dinner was followed by watching the parade 
{much better scenery!}

Their Diamond Celebration electric parade is my new favorite thing about Disneyland. 


Monday, October 5, 2015

Disneyland Day 1.

Disneyland Day 1 took us over to California Adventure for the day.  It was SO NICE and SO NOT BUSY.

We walked on almost every ride!

First up....

Toy Story Mania.
How can you not like this ride?

We rode the SWINGING Ferris Wheel afterwards.

My family humors me and rides it even though they'd rather ride on the carts that don't swing, instead.

We ate breakfast at our very favorite spot:

Flo's V8 Cafe in Cars Land.
It's a MUST!

Their breakfast chicken tamale + stuffed banana french toast is beyond words DELISH!
I promise.

London's 1st grade teacher just so happened to be their with her family as well so we got to hang with them for a bit....

How cool is that?
London was on cloud 9!

My kids still enjoy Bugs Land which makes me really happy.
{I however cannot STAND the bumper cars.  They barely even move!}

While I was watching them BUMP - - I spotted these Mickey ears.  I fell in love.  They are DONUT Mickey ears and they have my name written ALL over them.

Speaking of fattening foods that I LOVE - - -

Corndogs were on tap for lunch time.
Seriously - - it does not get better than this!

And since EVERY meal at Disneyland deserves a dessert - - 

 We got churros {for the boys} and a
 Ghiradelli Mint Chocolate Chip brownie sundae {for me!}.

Grant requested to ride SCREAMIN all by himself afterwards.

He rode it WITH ME first thing in the morning and seemed to think I screamed WAY TOO MUCH so he wanted to go at it solo this time.  Sigh.

We watched the PIXAR parade.
{This will always be one of my faves.}

How bugged was I that a grown adult was standing IN FRONT OF THE KIDS with her big ole Mickey ears blocking the view?

Really bugged.

We pooped out in Cars Land later that night and then ended the day with dinner at the ESPN ZONE in Downtown Disney.

The boys were in heaven and I was just glad to be able to take off my shoes and rub my feet together.

There's NO TIRED like DISNEYLAND tired.
Am I right?!