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Monday, September 22, 2014

NEW in the SHOP: Halloween Personal Progress motivators.

Happy First Day of FALL!!!
Does it FEEL like FALL where you live yet?
{We're still in the high 90s low 100s here in AZ. Bleh}.

Regardless....Halloween is going to be here BEFORE we all know it.  EEEK! I LOVE Halloween. Everything about it!

I just posted these Cracker Jack Popcorn treat bags with custom tags in my shop!

View them HERE.

And get em fast...once I sell out....they're gone.

Shipping is just $5 to anywhere in the U.S.
And...if you live locally...you are MORE than welcome to come pick them up from me! {Just message me}.

Order 1 or 50.
Doesn't matter!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday morning Joe and I got the kiddies off to school...stopped for donuts...

...and then went to our happy place.

There's so much PEACE inside of this building.

Gilbert, AZ Temple

Fun Fact: They're opening up ANOTHER new temple here in AZ....this time in Phoenix.  
Wanna go check it out with me? 
Lemme know.  
It's open to the public before it gets dedicated in November.
I have to reserve my tix soon.
If you've never been through one....you HAVE to.
It's beauty will BLOW you away.

* Friday afternoon was spent jammin out to my favorite 
Elton John Pandora station....

.....while cleaning up my house for our weekend guests.
{It's a good thing people come and visit us every now and again - - makes me straighten up a little around here.}

* One of my FAVORITE friends and
 her cute little family flew into visit us Friday night.  

Fun Fact: I've know this girl since birth. 
Our moms are the ultimate BFFs of all BFFs.

We took them straight to one of our favorite joints for dinner...

{YUM! to their Vino Bambino salad and pazookie!}

* Saturday was spent playing at the pool....

....with even MORE eating out.

We've pretty much laughed our guts out all weekend long.

* Sunday was our annual Primary Program.

It's one of my FAVORITE Sunday's of the year and our kiddos ROCKED it.

During actual 'Primary' time.....

....our darling chorister {and my dear friend} let the kids write their favorite Primary songs on paper, crumple them up and then have at it with her in a 'Snowball' fight.  She then randomly picked up different snowballs and those were the songs we got to sing today. 

So.  Fun.

* Grilled Cheeseburgers in our backyard for dinner.
{Not so Fun Fact: my oven is officially broken.  We need a new one. Siggghhh.}

Just ONE MORE WEEK til my kids are on FALL BREAK!
{Helllloooo sleepin in and late nights!}
Oh....and I'm bustin out my Halloween/Fall decor this week - - can't wait to share the pics!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Ok it's officially official. 
I'm excited for the holidays.

Next week, I bust out my FALL&HALLOWEEN decor.

Stores are OOZING with cute things right now.

LOVE these fall-ish napkin holders from Hobby Lobby.

And this site just makes me happy.
The Hob Lob has HANDS DOWN
 the BEST wrapping paper EVER!
{For reals.  It's thick and there's a TON on each roll}.

These pumpkins had me as soon as I spotted the polka dots.
Sadly, they were $40.

Over at Wal-mart....

HeLLLLLoooo cute candy buckets!
$2.97? Even better!

Fall colors in chevron. Enough said.
{Plus I really love these tablecloths because you can just wipe things off when your husband the kids spill}.
Only $3.94.

And last but most definitely not least.....

My weekly finds at Target include these fun trivia cards.
Joe and I LOVE reading these questions off to each other when we take road trips.
 {He crushes me with the Sports Trivia and I wail on him
 with my intense Pop Culture knowledge}.

Stripes! Beads! Scallops! $1!

I don't know if these headbands are for older girls {like London} or more for babies.  Regardless...they are CUTE!

The possibilities with alphabet stickers are endless.
{Yes...this is another polka dot find that I was incredbily too giddy about.}

And DRUMROLL please......
Target FINALLY has ALL of their HALLOWEEN stuff out.
And it. is. good!

Love the white. Love the price.
Fill em with some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and you've got yourself a GREAT gift to give to someone.

There are no words really for my love of these.
$10 for the large, $6 for the small.

Chalkboard pumpkins = Pure genius.
I want one with each of my kids' names on em.

These little beauties are tiny hats - or something or other - but I'd use em as place settings for a party.
Aren't they adorable?!

And last but not least....