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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend!

My heart is full this Easter weekend.

If you watch but ONE thing over this special holiday - - please make it be this:

Because of Him - - we are blessed, eternally.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Childrens Books We Love to Read.

I've rounded up some our VERY FAVORITE books to read together as a family and
I'm once again, sharing them with you to ENJOY.
{See our last round-up of favorites HERE.}

I {heart} childrens books.
Like  - - A LOT!

I ESPECIALLY love it when the books have good illustrations.
The following books have it ALL!

They can be found on Amazon - - or just click on the pictures or links underneath for more info.

We've been LOVING this sweet book since my oldest was a baby.
It rhymes {another favorite of mine} and is the story of little frog who realizes it's best to
 JUST BE HIMSELF in life and not anyobody else.

This one makes us laugh EVERYTIME we read it.
It's the perfect mix of humor and grossness for little kids.

This one is just plain SWEET.
It's about a little boy named Ralphie Mix who tries to prolong his bedtime in everyway possible.
The way his mother responds each time, warms my heart.
{And the pictures are OUT of this WORLD!}

This book is new to our household, as my son just brought it home from a school book order.
Clever.  Very clever is how I would describe it.

It combines words AND numbers to create - - WUMBERS.
You must check it out yourself to understand.

Happy Reading!

I myself, have not had as much time to read as I'd like lately, but I'm looking forward to our family trip to Disneyland next month {it's a 5 hour drive} where I can read my way through hopefully at least a couple of good books on the way there and back.

Books I'm Taking with Me:

This one was loaned to me by Carson's 2nd grade teacher MONTHS ago and Maureen - you'll be happy to know it will FINALLY BE READ by me SOON! 
{You might actually even get it back by the end of the school year if you're lucky!!}

It looks SO good!!

Ive heard nothing by GOOD THINGS about this true story.
They're even making it into a movie soon.
So excited to read it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Patriotic - Summer Wreaths!

The past couple of days, I've had my Justin Timberlake Pandora station cranked up while I've been cranking out my Patriotic wreaths for the summertime.

The thing I love MOST about these, is that you can leave them on your front door, ALL summer long. In fact, I usually start decorating my house with patriotic decor right after Easter, then comes Memorial Day, 4th of July and then I usually get around to taking it down just after Labor Day.

There are 3 different options to choose from:

All wreaths are $45 and can be shipped for an additional charge to anywhere within the U.S.
Feel free to comment or message me {please include your return email address} to place an order.

{Ok...I don't know if that's entirely true 
but I like the thought of it!}