Sunday, August 11, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we loaded up on our Friday Fuel!

Donuts and caffeine...their teachers probs don't mind, right?

* Ran my Friday errands which included a stop at Marshall's.
They have their Halloween stuff out!!!

Their seasonal stuff is always THE CUTEST!!!

Made a quick stop at Costco afterwards.
{Yup, still loathe that place.}

* Rewarded myself since I made it through the whole store in less than 20 minutes with a Crumbl cookie afterwards!

I got the Peanut Butter Bar cookie and I'm not gonna lie...I didn't love it.  Which is shocking because I LOVE peanut butter and I LOVE chocolate and I LOVE Crumbl.  
This one was just too much.

* Back at home I worked on a slew of new items for my Etsy shop that I'm SO excited to share with everyone soon!

I'm adding DOGGIE ornaments to the shop this year!!!

* Friday night we laid low, ordered pizza and I snuck out around 8:00 pm with some of my dearest girlfriends for a soda run. 

* Saturday morning we all slept in and then our cute nieces came over for a playdate with London.  

First thing on her list that she wanted to to do with the girls?
Go to Circle K of course.
{Doesn't take much to make my kids happy 😆}

The kids played, Joe and I got stuff done around the house and then Saturday night we snuck out for a quick Texas Roadhouse date.

* Afterwards, I headed over to our church building and hung up a special little bulletin board for our ward.

Have you seen THIS video?
It's near and dear to my heart and I do hope you'll watch it.  It's only 3 minutes and it's something good for EVERYONE.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

3 of the darling teenagers in our ward came up to me before church started and pointed out that we ALL had the SAME shoes on.  How fun is that? 
{I guess I'm not totally out of style yet 😅}

* Sunday night we had a family dinner over at Joe's parents house.  My sis and bro-in-law recently just got to go the Taco Bell Resort in Palm Springs and it was SO fun to hear all about their experience there.

Yes...the resort even offered Taco Bell fades.
{We died!!!😂😂😂}

They even brought us different flavors of
 Taco Bell chips to try!

 The mild was too spicy for me so I said no to the Diablo flavor. 😉

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I'm taking some time off from blogging this week.
I head into the hospital on Tuesday for some surgery.

All is well but because I'm a pretty open book - I'll let you know why.  I'm having a hysterectomy with some extra work done down there.  They'll take everything out but my ovaries, repair some damage done from my big, beautiful babies and I'll then be getting a bladder sling put in so that I don't pee my pants anymore when I cough, laugh, sneeze, jump...etc, etc.

Pretty much everything of mine down there is prolapsed.
So that's been fun!

Recovery will be awhile. 

The good news is that I'll be laying around A LOT which means lots of time on my laptop and LOTS of fun new ideas on my blog. 

So....there's that!

I will most likely be posting updates on my Instagram stories this week so if you'd like to follow along my journey - be sure to head over there and follow @azmarci.


Friday, August 9, 2019

Fun Finds Friday.

Wal-mart has THE CUTEST Pioneer Woman stuff right now.

I tried to think of every reason in the book why I needed this melamine cake stand....

And look! Matching scalloped PAPER plates!!!!

Over at Hobby Lobby I FINALLY ventured over into the fall aisles.... 

Aren't those beads adorable for Halloween?

The cutest take away containers for all of your Thanksgiving guests!!

More beads! This time on metal pumpkins.

Especially loved these lemon recipe cards...

And then yes...I am still truly, madly, deeply in love with allllll the buffalo check. 

Lastly...I found a new item at Sprouts that I HAVE to share with you...

Go and get yourself some of this flatbread ASAP.
It was SOOOO super yummy!
Makes the greatest sandwiches!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Ministering // Friendship Handouts.

Holy moly! 
It's already the 7th of the month and I have yet to post a new MINISTERING//FRIENDSHIP tag for you to brighten someone's day with!

I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off lately.  Life will slow down soon but until then, there's LOTS to get done!

Because of that, I'm sharing a tag that I used last year...
I hope you don't mind...

Because who doesn't love fresh cherries?
{Plus, they're like on sale EVERYWHERE right now!}

Fill a basket up with cherries, attach this tag and your friends will feel loved forever.  Ok, maybe not forever...but you'll for sure be their favorite at least for awhile.

You don't even really NEED fresh cherries, per say.

You could also use:

- A bottle of CHERRY 7-UP
- CHERRY blossom hand lotion
- Chocolate covered CHERRIES 
{They have these at the $ store.  The good kind.}
- Stuff to make a CHERRY limeade
- - - - you get the jist, right?

Download my FREE cherry tags HERE.

April Ministering // Friendship tags