Thursday, May 26, 2016

2fer Tuesday {on Thursday}.

2 Inspirational Books to Read:

I cannot even begin to explain to you how much I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! Everything the author talked about in this book is everything I hope for my home to be. I'm ready to read it again and highlight and underline my very favorite parts {which is pretty much the entire book}. 

P.S You don't have to be Mormon to read it.  
It's really and truly good for ALL faiths, I promise!

P.S.S. I know this is a long shot BUT....
does anyone know this author?????

I NEED her to come and speak to my stake Relief Society.

Find book HERE.

This one is geared more towards those of the LDS faith.
I read it up fast! {It's really not that long}.

Elder Russel M. Nelson's wife wrote it.

I cried and then smiled the whole way through it.

Find book HERE.

2 Random Bits from My Brain:


I know I am like SO super late to this ballgame but am I just now discovering these guys?

THIS song from Les Mis {their version} popped up on my Pandora station and I've been hooked ever since.


Let's talk about the commercials on the FreeForm tv channel. 

{It used to be ABC Family.}

Their commercials are highly inappropriate for kids and at times - even scary!

My kids watch that channel for their movies like: 101 Dalmations, Finding Nemo, etc.  

KIDS movies!

Their commercials are definitely NOT kids commercials.

What the heck happened to this channel?!?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Family Home Evening Lesson: SERVICE

I've felt VERY strongly this last little while, that we need to be doing more service TOGETHER as a family.

It's been weighing on my mind actually, so I researched some different places in our community, where we could spend our time each week, doing good for others. 

I decided to kick off my grandiose idea with a SERVICE themed Family Home Evening last week and my kids were super on board and super excited about our plans.   

{If you've been following along, you know that my FHE ideas are two things: Easy and Short.} 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

To start, I laid out a fork, a knife and a spoon for the kids to see.   I told them we were going to be talking about SILVERWARE for a minute.  Here's what I said:

Did you ever compare yourselves to silverware? 
All silverware is made to serve, but the different pieces serve in different ways.  Let me show you how....

{Hold up fork} - Forks stab! "This is mine," they say. Bits of meat, carrots, pickles. "This, this and this are mine," says the fork. "Everything for me, me, me." And soon ever last morsel on the plate has been pinned by the spear of the selfish fork.

{Hold up knife} - "Too big" says the knife. Slice. Cut. Chop. Dice. Everything must change it's shape to satisfy the whim of the knife. Nothing is right as it is. Everything needs paring down, carving or separating.

{Hold up spoon} - Cereal, soup, peas - all the impossiblg foods can be handled comfortably from the smooth bowl of the spoon. Spoons say, "Here let me HELP you. We can manage together".

We all need to BE THE SPOON in life!!! What are some ways that we can help others? 

My mom always raised me with the the quote:
"Service never comes at a convenient time."

What do you think this means?
{We talked about it and my husband and I gave personal experiences of times we were asked to serve, when we really didn't want to, or didn't have the time...but our lives were blessed beyond measure because we chose to do so}.

Then I introduced them to our family the 'SERVICE SPOON'.

Our 'SERVICE SPOON' = a regular 'ole big spoon from our kitchen drawer with a ribbon tied around it to spot easily.

I gave it first to my middle son.

I challenged him in the upcoming week, to do an act of service for someone in our family.  It could be...doing their chore, making their bed, picking up their clothes...ANYTHING that would help them out.  Then...he had to leave the 'spoon' in that location where the service took place. If he wanted, he could leave a note with it so the person in fact, knew it was for them.  THEN....the person who the act of service was intended for....had to reciprocate and do an act of service for ANOTHER family member.  And it just snowballed from there.

We did it all week long and my kids LOVED it!

It was so fun seeing their faces light up when they discovered that the spoon had been left for them! And it was SO fun watching them choose different acts of service for each other.

Lastly - - we watched THIS short video clip and it ended the evening perfectly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Ya Never Know...

I've been having one of those days.

Alright, if I'm being honest {which I try to be on this blog} - I've been having one of those MONTHS!

Ever feel like that?

Like 'Wo, is me!? What else could go wrong?'

Some days are better than others, that is for sure.

Tonight I opened up my emails to find an email from a blog reader in Beaver, Utah who said this:

Hey Marci -

I was sitting at the Utah State Track Meet (at BYU and 5 rows down from me 
was a lady cutting out your cute handouts... I got a kick out of it because I recognized them.   Got my giggles on and thought - yuppers a YW leader never stops.

You guys!

My heart wanted to explode!!!

And then I was checking my blog comments and came across this gem from a blog reader in New Zealand:

DEAREST SISTER MARCI THANkYOU FOR YOUR TIME LOVE INSPIRATION AND n>r>g SUCH AMAZING THOUGHTs AND CREATIONS, bless YOU FOR HELPING ME TO BLESS OUR visiting and visited SISTERS HERE IN Hastings NEW zEALAND Flaxmere Stake of zion... lol people like you help to forward the work of the Lord and his kingdom. God bless you. Sister Kireka oxox 

Now please know...I'm not posting these to gloat by any means.
I'm posting these because - - - -


You just don't!

When I create my handouts and write on my blog - - I honestly still think in my brain that my mom is the ONLY one who is reading this and the ONLY one who will print out my handouts. LoL. She's always been my number #1 fan. 

To know that people are actually INSPIRED by the stuff that 'silly ole me' posts - - - really warms my heart.

So THANK YOU sweet blog readers. 

On a night like tonight - this was just the pick me up I needed.  

Oh  - and so was THIS video that we watched for Family Home Evening tonight.  LOVE!

{Fun new FHE idea coming atcha tomorrow!}