Sunday, May 28, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning kicked off with the kids' annual talent show at school.  Fun fact about my kids: they LOVE to perform. Pretty much in front of anyone! So they were in their element, to say the least.

Grant did a hip-hop routine....

London and her sweet friend sang "How Far I'll Go" from Moana...

And Carson was one of the MCs who told jokes in between the acts.

I was SO proud of them!!!

{Special thanks to our PTO president for capturing the above photos while I was busy filming them!}

* In between shows {there were 2} I ran errands like a mad woman and stumbled across a new yummy chicken place - - that thad a DRIVE-THRU!

Locals: Try it! I loved it!
Super yummy chicken tenders, to die for honey butter roll and homemade ranch.  What more could you ask for?

* Friday night I snuck away from the kids early and hit up the store At Home.

Holy Moly!
This place is GINORMOUS!
I'm pretty sure it has ANYTHING you could possibly EVER need for your home.  

Well except for me.  I was looking for a square Magnolia wreath and they only had a circle one.  Sigh....

Don't-cha hate it when you get something in your mind that you want and then it's like impossible to find? Story of my life.

Afterwards, I met Joe and some of our dear friends for date night at Bobby Q's in Mesa.

Fun Fact: If you say 'Bobby Qs' out loud - - it sounds like you're saying BarbeQues.  Which is what they serve.😂

For an appetizer - the Q rolls {on the left} stole the show. 
Seriously YUMMY and that chipotle sauce was the bomb.

Joe and I split a 3 meat platter and the beef brisket was TO DIE FOR!!!

It was quite the feast! 
We had SO much fun laughing and chatting with our peeps.
So grateful for good friends in our lives.

* We came home to this on our bed....

...from London, of course.
Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE having a little girl?! 

* Saturday morning we cranked out 100 cupcakes for a dear friend.

* We attended a baptism on Saturday afternoon....

...and then partied it up Saturday night at the pool right by our house.

Our friends rent this out once a year for all 7 of their kids' birthday parties {yeah tha'ts right - they have SEVEN kids!} and it is always SUCH A GOOD TIME! 

Joe and his peeps
* Mexican food was in order afterwards and so we talked some friends into joining us HERE for a late dinner with the kids. 

I know what you're thinking....a hot dog?!? 
At a mexican restaurant?!?!

It's called the Sonoran Dog and it is loaded with beans, bacon, onions, tomatoes, mustard and mayo.

It's pretty dang DEE-LISH.

*Churchey-church on Sunday.
It's always so good to get spiritually fed before the start of a new week. 

*3 hour nap afterwards.
That's right - - 3.  

* We had our missionaries {Elders} over for dinner on Sunday night.  We asked them a couple of days ago what they were craving and they said 'Chinese food' and so it was Orange Chicken + Beef with Broccoli for the win.

I tried THIS recipe for the Beef with Broccoli and it was 2 thumbs WAY up and SUPER easy! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

On tap for this week:

* BBQing with fun family and friends.

* The kids' LAST day of school!!!!
How is this even possible?!

* Grant and London's dance recital - - can't wait!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

LuLaRoe Party - Shop NOW!

Meet my cute friend Karlie.
She's pretty much a LuLaRoe guru and she has some of the BEST inventory of LLR goodness that I've ever seen.

She's been SO kind to allow me to share with my blog readers a special link to shop this weekend! 

I promise you guys - - you'll want it all! 

My personal favorite style of dress?
Their Amelia.
Hands down.
Those pockets on the sides just do it for me.

If you have little will definitely want to check out those styles as well...

I've been dying to get my hands on a 'Mae' dress for London now for awhile.

Ok are you ready??

Get excited!!!

You can start shopping HERE.

And here's how it works:

When you click on the above link you will see ALL the styles listed and then you can click a style to see what prints are available in each size. When you want to claim something  just click the "claim" button and follow the prompts to fill out your info. Karlie will then send you an invoice. 

If you are local, you can choose "local pick up" and save on shipping. Shipping is $3.50 for any SINGLE item under $36  and $7 for anything over $36. Shipping is free with $150 purchase. 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2fer Tuesday.




I'm hosting an ONLINE LuLaRoe party THIS THURSDAY -- > SATURDAY. If you live near or far - - - you can shop in the comfort of your own home! 

LLR is the one clothing brand that I swear by. 

I don't sell it {my friend does} but I can honestly say it is GOOD quality and the SIZING is awesome. 

If we're not friends on Facebook - - go ahead and add me and let me know you want to be added to the FB group.

If you're not on FB - - no worries.  

I'll be posting a direct link right here on my blog that will take you to a personal website where you can browse and shop til your heart's content.

There will be OODLES of inventory.
Think - - every color - - every size possible!

SUMMERTIME!!!!! I'm not looking forward to the triple digit heat here BUT....I am looking forward to:

* Sleeping In

* Staying up late

* No homework

* No packing lunches

* Swimming, swimming, swimming

* Lots of movies at the movie theater

* Our annual Lamoreaux family trip to the cabin