Thursday, May 25, 2017

LuLaRoe Party - Shop NOW!

Meet my cute friend Karlie.
She's pretty much a LuLaRoe guru and she has some of the BEST inventory of LLR goodness that I've ever seen.

She's been SO kind to allow me to share with my blog readers a special link to shop this weekend! 

I promise you guys - - you'll want it all! 

My personal favorite style of dress?
Their Amelia.
Hands down.
Those pockets on the sides just do it for me.

If you have little will definitely want to check out those styles as well...

I've been dying to get my hands on a 'Mae' dress for London now for awhile.

Ok are you ready??

Get excited!!!

You can start shopping HERE.

And here's how it works:

When you click on the above link you will see ALL the styles listed and then you can click a style to see what prints are available in each size. When you want to claim something  just click the "claim" button and follow the prompts to fill out your info. Karlie will then send you an invoice. 

If you are local, you can choose "local pick up" and save on shipping. Shipping is $3.50 for any SINGLE item under $36  and $7 for anything over $36. Shipping is free with $150 purchase. 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2fer Tuesday.




I'm hosting an ONLINE LuLaRoe party THIS THURSDAY -- > SATURDAY. If you live near or far - - - you can shop in the comfort of your own home! 

LLR is the one clothing brand that I swear by. 

I don't sell it {my friend does} but I can honestly say it is GOOD quality and the SIZING is awesome. 

If we're not friends on Facebook - - go ahead and add me and let me know you want to be added to the FB group.

If you're not on FB - - no worries.  

I'll be posting a direct link right here on my blog that will take you to a personal website where you can browse and shop til your heart's content.

There will be OODLES of inventory.
Think - - every color - - every size possible!

SUMMERTIME!!!!! I'm not looking forward to the triple digit heat here BUT....I am looking forward to:

* Sleeping In

* Staying up late

* No homework

* No packing lunches

* Swimming, swimming, swimming

* Lots of movies at the movie theater

* Our annual Lamoreaux family trip to the cabin



Monday, May 22, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning kicked off with Carson's 5th grade State Fair.

I LOVE that their school does this! 
Each child researches a state and then at the 'State Fair' displays said research and then brings a food item coinciding with their state.  

Oklahoma = corn muffins, bytheway.

Lucky for me - - - later that afternoon - - Grant had his 6th grade World Fair!

Same idea but with countries.

Chile = Tres leches cake

I basically just ate my way through the U.S and World on Friday without even having to leave my town. 😂

In between fairs....I was at home making cupcakes for a dear friends' bridal shower. 

These were piña colada flavored and since I had some left over....i popped some umbrellas in em to fancy em up a little and brought the rest up to the sweet front office ladies at the school.

Also worth noting - - while making my cupcakes, my dear friend dropped by just because and brought me my favorite beverage + a treat she just KNEW I'd love!

Gosh, I love my friends! 
{And 2 thumbs up to the Butterfinger/Pb cup combo!}

* Friday night date night.
I met my hubby out at his new store...

It's getting closer and closer to being finished and I am SO excited for him! Also - - I want that white kitchen with the ginormous fridge/freezer combo.

Lucky for us, he's just down the road now from one of our VERY FAVORITE burger joints.

Their menu basically consists of 3 things: a burger, fries and shakes.  So how can you go wrong?
{If you go - - always get The Stand sauce to dip your fries into. It's a must!}

I'm not even kidding when I say that I DREAM about their banana shakes.  They are DEE-VINE!!!!

* Saturday morning donuts with this crew...

We headed over to my church building afterwards so that the kids could play basketball while I practiced the organ for Sunday.

Yup, you heard that right.
For those of you who have ever played it before...YOU KNOW that it is WAY harder to play than the piano.  


* The rest of the our Saturday was spent doing chores, eating mexican gas station food for dinner and making homemade salsa {sharing recipe soon!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

When I read that part about angels...I get goosebumps.
I just LOVE this quote and promise.

* I survived playing the organ and then headed into primary where I filled in for our singing chorister.  

It was so fun.

I love going in there.
I'm sharing my ideas for singing time later this week!

Sharing time was so cute.

London got to be blindfolded and then led by the 'Holy Ghost' to find something.  I'm sure grateful for my childrens church leaders and the efforts in which they take to make learning about the Gospel FUN and MEMORABLE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On tap for this week:

All 3 kids are in it this year and they are OH SO excited!
I love that my kids have confidence and aren't afraid to get up in front of people.  Makes my 💜 happy. 

* Enjoying every last drip of alone time before school gets out for the summer NEXT week. 😂