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Sunday, August 2, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning began just the way I like it.

Breakfast with a 
GOOD FRIEND, GOOD FOOD and GOOD DIET COKE.  This restaurant really does it right
 with the caraffe of Diet Coke on the side. 

Afterwards I found it necessary to use up my B&B Works coupon before it expired this weekend...
{I hate seeing good coupons go to waste!}

LOVING their new CITY scents {Barcelona was my fave} but...those weren't on sale so.....

I settled for this YUMMY {purple of course!} candle.
So delish smelling!

* Friday after school brought us to the eye doctor at Costco.

Someone needs glasses and he couldn't be MORE thrilled about it! Seriously...he's SO excited to get them in 1-2 weeks he can hardly stand it. {Thank goodness!}

We kept it classy for dinner and had pizza, hot dogs and churros. For reals though - - dinner for the 4 of us {Joe went to see Mission Impossible with my nephew} for only 5 bucks?!?! Bargain! 

* The rest of the evening was spent watching Back to the Future 2 {my kids just discovered these movies and they're in LOVE with them!} ....

.....and then sleeping on the 'hide-a-bed' that I had as a kid.
You'd have thought they were sleeping in a hotel they were SO excited about it.

* Saturday morning began with donuts {shocking}..

...and a side of some lady itching her bum in the background.


* We attended a baptism for one of our cute 8 year old friends.

I whipped up THESE cupcakes to help celebrate - - but not really because I was out of some of the ingredients so boxed cupackes {with this homemade frosting!} it was!
{If you like red velvet anything - you'll like this one, I promise}.

I also worked on some Baptism Printables which I'll be adding to my Etsy shop this week!
{What 8 year old doesn't like getting candy?!}

* Our Saturday evening was spent with some of our dearest friends and their kiddos.

These kiddos might not know it yet - - but us adults are leaving them in a few weeks for a trip to SAN FRANCISCO!!!

We are SO excited!

Joe and I have NEVER been.

Have YOU been?
Any MUST SEE places or restaurants to try???

My husband is SO excited to try their fresh seafood.

I personally don't 'do' seafood so I laughed my guts out when I saw this yesterday...

* Churchey-church on Sunday

* Dinner at my parents house Sunday night.
You can't be Sunday dinner at my mom and dad's.

It ALWAYS tastes better than what I normally prepare.

Tonight it was Mom's meatloaf and MMMmmm...it was GOOD!

Friday, July 31, 2015

August Visiting Teaching Handout: Humility.

This month's Visiting Teaching lesson is on - - -

My handout this month is based around one of my favorite things: Pie! 

Because EVERYONE needs a little slice of HUMBLE PIE
 in their life, right?!

And I just LOVE the quote that President Monson has said about HUMILITY. It's SUCH a good reminder.

Now - - there are a few different options to go with this handout that I'd like to share with my blog reading peeps.

#1: You can pair the tag up with a mini Marie Calendar's pie, found in the freezer section of most grocery stores.

These pies are HANDS DOWN my fave and I LOVE that they now sell them in MINI form.

At Wal-mart they are $2.27 for ONE box - - however TWO mini pies come in the box so it's just over $1 each.

The chocolate satin pie is my absolute FAVORITE! but they have them in all different flavors.

#2: I also spotted at Wal-mart - - - 

These fun little mini FRUIT pies in cute little cardboard boxes. These run only 88 cents per pie!

And they're super cute!

{Given the option though - - I will forever and ALWAYS choose CHOCOLATE over FRUIT. ANY day! Lol.}

These pies are found over in their bakery section right next to the larger regular sized pies.

They have Sugar Free MINI pies available AS WELL!

Such an added bonus if you visit teach a sister who can't do sugar!

Now - - say you REALLY wanna spoil your sister and it's her birthday month or something - -

A regular sized fruit pie is only $3.98.
I thought that was such a bargain.

But again....I'd choose the cream pies any day...

And they're just a $ more.

#3: You could whip up 
some mini pies yourself!

They sell these cute mini graham cracker pie crusts {also at Wal-mart but I've seen them at Target and other places too!} that I've used before and they are yummy!

There are 6 in a package for only $1.68.
But this requires YOU actually making the pie.

And most days - - if you're like me - -
 ain't nobody got time for that!
Am I right?!

The point is - - 

No matter HOW you decide to present this message, fruit pie, cream pie, NO pie - - -
as long as it is from the heart - - your sisters will love and appreciate it.

Like I said before - - it's a message we ALL need to hear.

To download a copy of my FREE handout click HERE.
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Happy Visiting Teaching!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Inspiration.

I have an 'Inspiration' board on my Pinterest site that I like to keep random tidbits of goodness - - ya know for those days where you just need a little extra pick me-up?

I LOVE refelcting on the words of wisdom from people much wiser than myself.

Today I'm sharing with you some of my FAVES.



So....this one is basically saying that Diet Dr. Pepper is my calling in life.  Right?!


My mom's words from since I was little still resonate in my ears to this day {and yes, she keeps on reminding me!}...

"Don't judge another person until you've walked a mile in their shoes."


Joe and I were JUST having a conversation the other night at dinner with our kids about this one.  

My kids were SHOCKED to find out that SOMETIMES - - when I drive in the car by myself - - I turn all off all of the music and I silence my phone and JUST listen and think. 

There is something quite beautiful about the sound of silence. Often MORE times than not - - it's when I receive  answers to my prayers which I so badly need at times.

Happy Thursday!