Monday, March 28, 2011

American Idol Thoughts.

Yes...since I am back to must endure my American Idol thoughts now on a {somewhat} weekly basis. I am pleasantly surprised at how much a) I like the new judges and b) I like this new season. Lots of talent. I have THREE top picks this year but first let me say:

Casey Abrams is not one of my favorites. He kind of had my 'underdog' vote at the beginning but each week, he creeps me out more and more. Did you see him almost faint from excitement last week when they used the 'save' on him? Most people thought it was cute. I however did not.

Also. If this girl doesn't go home this week:

I'm writing a letter to FOX to complain. She should've been ousted 2 weeks ago.

Now. That said. Onto my favorites:

Charming? Yes. Good voice? Yes. {Reminds me of Ray Lamontagne whom I L-O-V-E!} Good dance moves? NO! Actually quite horrendous, aren't they? I choose to look past that though because he is such a dream boat. Rooting for him all the way.

As well as:

Pia! Such strong pipes and always so graceful and poised. Mark my word...she is the next Celine Dion.

And we must not forget about my last fave:

Stefano. Stefano. Stefano. {Sigh}. He's my dreamboat numero dos. I have loved him every week.

A close FOURTH place FAVE goes to Lauren Alayna. What a doll. And next in line after Naima to go should be Thia Megia. Mainly because of the fact that her name rhymes. And I hate hearing Ryan Seacrest say it.

Thoughts? my fellow idol junkies?


  1. Oh Marci! This could've been me writing this post! I agree 100% with all of it! Love it!

  2. I couldn't have said it better my self. I was in LOVE with Casey until last week when he almost fainted on fake. My new fav and top pick to win is PIA!!

  3. LOVE Pia and Paul too!! Stefano is good too, but didn't like his last song...hello..didn't love!


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