Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Candlestick Jars.

Joe's cute cousin Jane has a blog which you really should check out HERE. Last year, she posted a tutorial on how to make darling candy jars attached to candlesticks. I decided to try my hand at it and make some up for my mother-in-law for Christmas. They were super fun to make and I'm in the process of making some now to match my kitchen. The candy jars I made as a present are above {sorry about the poor picture taken from my phone} and here are Jane's cute candy jars:

All dolled up for Halloween. She gives you a step by step tutorial on what you need and how to make them HERE. I couldn't find the plain wooden candlesticks ANYWHERE....so I purchased a box of 3 candlesticks from Wal-mart and then spray painted them white to match Marilyn's kitchen. I also couldn't find the finials she was talking about for the tops of the lids so I purchased door knobs from Target on clearance and spray painted them white as well. I used Gorilla glue to attach the jars to the candlesticks once everything was nice and ready. Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh, they are so cute in white! Good work!

  2. Thanks Marci! As you know, they look great in my shabby kitchen. They are perfect for White Chocolate See's candies!!!

  3. Cute! Have you seen the cake holders made with candlesticks? I am in love. Check them out:







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