Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Wednesday.

I know, I've all been on pins and needles eagerly awaiting the return of my Random Wednesdays. {KIDDING!} Wait no further. It's back. More random thoughts/opinions from my brain spewing atcha...take em as you will {hopefully with a grain of salt}.

  • Loving the singer 'Adele' right now. Never heard of her? {Sigh}. Click HERE for my current favorite from her. Note to self: Must buy her new cd pronto. Yes...I still buy cds. I like to kick it old school. That....and well...I'm technically dysfunctional and still don't know how to download from itunes. {Double sigh}.
  • How dare Wendy's go and change their fries on us? What were they thinking? That was my favorite thing about them! It's not the same now when I dip them into my Frosty.
  • Soooo tired of seeing Justin Beiber fans, Taylor Swift, audience members at concerts, etc... make the shape of a heart with their hands. Way too corny for me. And I myself am pretty corny.
  • Joe and I stumbled across a show that just may be our new favorite on the Food Network. The host? Marc Summers. Need I say more? in the original host from the back in the day Nickelodeon show DOUBLE DARE. How could we instantly NOT like it for that reason alone? It's called UNWRAPPED and it 'uncovers the mystery' of different types of foods and snacks and the process of what goes into making them. Very fascinating. And fun to watch. That said....the other night Summers 'unwrapped' the secret of bologna and said that his favorite way of eating it was fried up with onions. Joe decided to give it a whirl and I promise our house still smells strangely like burnt vacuum because of it.
  • Speaking of vacuums. I am in love. With a new one. It's called the ELECTROLUX and it puts the Dyson to shame. {I really don't get what all the hype over Dyson's are about anyways?} Too bad the Electrolux I want is 2 grand. I guess I'll just have to keep replacing my cheap vacuums with....more cheap ones.
  • Did you hear the good news? Elton John is hosting Saturday Night Live THIS weekend. I am giddy with anticipation. Little unknown fact about me: I love EVERY song Elton John does and ever has done. My fingers are crossed that Billy Joel makes a guest appearance and sings a duet with him. That. Would. Be. Bliss.
  • I have a facebook pet peeve. I hate it when people update their status' with unended answers. For instance: "Test results aren't looking good....." What? Are you dying? Or.... "I can get through this..." Get through what??? Are they WANTING us to pry and leave comments? Totally wish there was a {dislike} button for this reason alone.
  • What does the singer P!NK mean when she sings about being 'Too school for cool?' Does that even make sense? Am I the only moron who doesn't get it?


  1. * It's called "Vaguebooking," and it drives me nuts too!

    * Don't hate me, but Jack & I saw Elton & Billy together in concert. It. WAS. Bliss!

  2. We've been watching Unwrapped for years! Love it!

  3. you are a crack up Marci!!! Love it!! :)

  4. OMG! I totally agree with you on the vague Facebook postings! If I ever do that, please call me out. It's all a ploy for attention!!

  5. when i heard pink sing that part of the song, my guess was that she's just mixing up lyrics because she's supposed to be drunk. maybe. who knows!
    I am sad that Wendy's changed their fries too! what the??

  6. *because Pink is supposed to be saying "too cool for school" just had to clarify my guess, ha.

  7. I know right, mle? That's what a 'normal' person would why is she saying it backwards?


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