Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Spring/Easter stuff.

I think I'm obsessed really. Must share my latest finds. First...from the website DELISH:

Are these Flower-ific cupcakes adorable or what? A DumDum lollipop is used as the actual flower with a green Airhead used for the leaf. Brilliant. Click HERE for directions.

Loving these Bird's Nest Cookies too. Click HERE for the recipe.

Crispy Easter Eggs. Another fabulous idea. Tint the Rice Crispy Treats with food coloring, shape in the form of an egg and wrap up with colored cellophane. What a simple treat to give to friends! Click HERE for details.

And as if those weren't cute enough...look what I found over at Pillsbury:

Sherbet Easter Cups. The actual cup is made with a refrigerated pie crust. And since I'm not a fan of sherbet {really though..who is?} I would most definitely be filling mine with ice-cream! Click HERE for details.

Easter Basket Cookies. Made with refrigerated cookie dough placed in muffin cups! Instead of a pipe cleaner as the handle though, I think I'd use those pull apart licorice whips. Who wants a pipe cleaner stuck into their cookie? Yuck. Not me. Click HERE for details.

And last but not least...found over at Family Fun:

Carrot Patch Cookies! These are just TOO clever. They are made out of: wafer cookies, cookie crumbs and orange Mike and Ikes for the carrots. LOVE! Click HERE for details.

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