Saturday, April 2, 2011

The perfect hard boiled egg.

I'm a big fan of hard boiled eggs. Sadly, the only time I really eat them is around Easter. {I now have a new reason to cook them up however as I've discovered a new favorite Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe which also includes these tasties. Recipe to follow soon!}

That said...every Easter I google 'how to cook hard boiled eggs'....because I'm never quite sure. I always usually OVERCOOK them or UNDERCOOK them. And I {hate} when I cook them and the yolk turns gray. Yuck! It's bad enough that they smell awful....let alone LOOK awful. Well... I now need to google no more. I've found the PERFECT way to cook them, thanks to my sister Stephanie who told me HER secret....via Martha Stewart. And how could it NOT be perfect if Martha does it?

You ready? It's quite mind blowing really...

Place your eggs, right out of the refrigerator in a pot of water. Bring the the pot to a rapid boil. As soon as it starts to rapidly boil...turn off the stove, place the lid on the pot and let them sit for 13 minutes.

That's it! I will not be disappointed.

Now...if I could just figure out the perfect solution to getting blue egg dye off of my hands....I would have all of Easter figured out.

Image via google images.

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