Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Wednesday.

*Spring time makes me happy. Not sure why since I know the {oven-ish} like heat is soon headed our way. Just something about spring being in the it.

* Remember last week how I said that I L-O-V-E anything Elton John? Well, I was pretty much in EJ heaven last Wednesday when American Idol did all of his songs. My favorite performance of the evening was THIS song. Wow! I had picked her next in line to go but after this performance...I like her again and want her to stay.

* I love fresh basil. Wish I had {somewhat} of a green thumb. Or even just a green pinky would suffice... Would love to plant an herbal garden and grow my own basil.

* Does anyone else think that Scentsy has {sorta} gone down hill? Maybe it's just that my 'scents' are old now but the other day I burned one of my bricks and I made my house smell like wet dirty washcloth. The kitchen sink kind. Bleh. Need to find me some new Gold Canyon candles asap. Those are pretty much the best things ever.

* Why do men feel the need to run topless? In 80 degree weather? I get it when it's like 100 degrees or above here in Phoenix. But really guys....80s? Can it really be THAT much cooler for you WITHOUT a shirt? Does it make running a lot faster if you don't have that extra piece of cotton on your chest? I think it's a tad unnecessary, no?

* Which brings me to another facebook pet peeve of mine. I thought I only had one {posted last week here} but I lied. I have two. I H-A-T-E it when people post their workout regimens on fb. For all the world to see. Really? Do you think we REALLY care that you just did....20 squats...2 laps....10 more squats....and 100 push ups? It's annoying. I {and probably the rest of the world} really don't care that you worked out for 2 hours straight.

* As a mom....I think that ALL shopping stores should be open 24 hours. {Yes Costco... And the mall... I'm talking to YOU}! Or AT LEAST stay open til midnight and open back up at like 8. It's quite an inconvenience that most stores don't open until 10. And close by like 8.

* I'm pretty sure I like the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie" more than both my boys combined. I find myself watching it even when they're not around. It is hilarious. And cute. And it reminds me of something that I would've watched back in my TGIF days.

* Really though....PARENTHOOD is the best show on TV. Period. THE BEST. If you aren't watching should be.

* I love watching THE CAKE BOSS. Once I googled how much those cakes actually cost and I was shocked that people will pay up to like $10,000 for one. YIKES! Do you think they even taste all that good? How could it really with all of that extra stuff piled on it?

* In re-reading this post...I'm pretty sure I use the word {LOVE} way too much.


  1. Parenthood is the absolute best show on tv. Chuck is really good too. And I agree, all stores should be open until at least midnight.

  2. I need to download Parenthood on Netflix to see what the hype is all about! I'm still catching up on Desperate Housewives season 1. Yeah, I'm a little behind on some things...

  3. I love your random thoughts. I don't get when girls go jogging down major roads in thier sportsbras. Really? How great of a workout can it be when you have to stop at every corner and wait for the light to turn green? Obviously you just want to be ogled.

  4. Love your blog Marci! I, too, am slightly obsessed with Parenthood. I get so involved with the characters it's pathetic. I cry every week that I watch it.


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