Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Wednesday.

* This sassy little diva continues to be......a SUPER SASSY little diva. She was put in time out THREE times today. By the sound of her blood curdling screams {while sitting on the couch IN 'time out'} I'm surprised my neighbors didn't call CPS on me. She really knows how to DRAMATIZE the SITUATION...that is for sure. Still do LOVE her lots though.

* Yesterday, while browsing quickly through the Easter aisles at Wal-mart....I came across THESE:

At first glance the HOP title caught my attention...my kids LOVED that movie. So I looked a little further and discovered this:

I guess if your kids have been on the NAUGHTY list....the Easter Bunny brings them THESE instead of those tasty Reese's eggs?
Because seriously...who in their right mind would make their kids eat LETTUCE flavored fruit snacks? That's just wrong.

* The month of APRIL may just be my least favorite month. Which is slightly mind boggling really since a) I LOVE Easter and b) I love the start of spring. But you know what I DON'T love? Taxes. Owning your own business BLOWS this time of year. Enough said.

* Donald Trump for President? Really?? I mean.....REALLY?

* I am totally disappointed in ASU and their new uniforms and image. They have completely put SPARKY on the back burner. Now...when you see the ASU logo and just the devil's pitchfork...it looks slightly satanic. And who on earth would give a team from Phoenix....BLACK uniforms? Those football players are going to ROAST!

* Remember last week when I said I LOVE Parenthood? Well, I also LOVE the music they play every week. Does anyone know if they sell a soundtrack to that show? There is some serious good tun-age going on each episode.

* Speaking of good tun-age....2 of my ALL TIME favorite songs are HERE and HERE. Call me crazy...but I crank em up whenever I hear them. They are classics.

* I'm obsessed with facebook stalking people. Anyone know if there Is like a 12 step program for this type of problem?

* Yesterday I drove around my block not once...but TWICE to make sure I had shut my garage door. Can you say O.C.D?

* I really wish Jimmy Fallon came on BEFORE Jay Leno. And how does Carson Daly STILL have a talk show going on after all these years? Don't get me wrong...I was a HUGE Carson Daly fan back in the TRL days......but that was over 10 years ago. I think it's time for him to finally retire.


  1. I totally drive by multiple times to make sure the garage door is down. Ridiculous I know. Thanks for the azcentral tip (wink wink) Keep them coming!! I'll call you soon. It's been a surprisingly busy week.

  2. And, I promise Minnie is as sassy as can be too. It's ridiculous. I'm pretty sure my neighbors can hear too.

  3. Great songs!! If it makes you feel better, Erica was put in "time out" 4 times by her dance teacher at class this week and I had to pull her out twice and put her in time out myself. Have you discovered the fun of how you have friends who are friends with someone you know, but from different points in your life on facebook? And I totally agree that Jimmy Fallon should be on first!!