Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Wednesday.

Reese's Pieces - Pastel Eggs
* I can't seem to get enough of these tasty little eggs lately. Honestly...I cannot JUST eat one. It's bad. I'm addicted. I figure though...since {most} of it is made up of peanut's good protein, right? {Don't crush my dreams if you think otherwise}.

* Speaking of Easter candy....I bought all of our Easter basket stuff today...and was shocked to find almost an entire section devoted to nothing but those chocolate hollow bunnies. Does anyone actually EAT these? And I mean MORE than just a nibble off the ear? They seem like such a waste of money to me.

* The kids and I saw the movie RIO last weekend. 2 thumbs WAY up. So darling!

* I consider myself to be pretty up-to-date on random celebrity gossip. Lately know who's been one upping me? MY DAD! 65 year old dad. He is obsessed with the TV show TMZ and watches it as part of his nightly ritual before bed. Kind of funny, no? Love him.

* Two of my FAVORITE stores to shop at are TJ Maxx and Marshalls. 'Ross' a different story. Does anyone actually ever find anything in there? Every single time I've ever been into a looks as though a tornado has just twisted through and the place is a disaster. And...they always look as though they're only half stocked with things. Why is that?

* Before I had kids....I wouldn't be caught dead going out to eat by myself OR going to see a movie. How embarrassing, right? Now....I give myself a high five anytime I manage to weasel my way out the door WITHOUT anyone. Funny how things change your way of thinking, right?

* On Nightline the other night {I sometimes catch the tail end before tuning into Jimmy Kimmel}...they did a whole 'bit' on how the new 'IT' trend is not cupcakes anymore...but PIES. PIES? I just don't see this taking off as well as the whole cupcake phenomenom did. Is it just me? With cupcakes you could do all sorts of cute things....cupcake kabobs...cupcakes in a could decorate them all fancy dancy. What can you really do with a pie?

* Have you ever: washed your face at night and gone to put your facial toner on....only to realize that you've just smeared your entire face with....nail polish remover? I've done it. Twice. And in my defense.....they're both purple. And I am partially blind when my contacts come out at night. Warning though. It takes a LONG time to get rid of that burning sensation.

* Last weekend I {finally} got a much needed pedicure. My feet were seriously BEYOND nasty. And I'm pretty sure the lady working on my toes was saying some pretty mean things about me to her friend. Granted, I don't speak Vietnamese BUT....I do read body language. And I'm pretty sure ALL of the ladies there thought I was some sort of a beast just by watching them collaborate and look at my toes.

* What the heck ever happened to Bill Cosby's pudding pops? I still crave those every now and again {usually when I'm reminiscing to myself about elementary school}. How dare they stop selling them.


  1. I love Random Wednesday, I look forward to it. I usually agree and can relate to them all. And, it always makes me laugh.

  2. hahah I love it! And I'd have to agree with you about Ross being really trashy. We classier people shop at marshalls and tj maxx hahah

  3. I was JUST talking about pudding pops the other day and actually looked for them at the grocery store. They were sooooo good! Even the fruit ones! What happened to them??


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