Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Wednesday.

* I usually don't mind buying 'generic' brand products at the grocery store. I do have a few exceptions though. Fruit snacks are one of them....IF......I intend on stealing some from my kids. Which I usually do....during about the 3rd hour of church on Sundays. And let me tell you...those name brand fruit snacks are DEE-LISH. Generic? Not so much. Try em. I promise you will not be disappointed.

* I've about had it with the Sarah McLachlan 'Save the Pets' commercials. For some reason they play them way too much at night time on cable. Don't get me wrong....I love Sarah McLachlan and I {somewhat} love pets.....but these commercials are the most depressing spots on TV! Could they have picked a more depressing song to play in the background?

* I got hit with the flu bug this week. It was pretty nasty. You KNOW I'm sick when....I can pass on a Diet Coke. {Gasp!} It's true. I only crave GingerAle when I'm sick. And it really gets my goat that absolutely ZERO fast food drive-thru's sell GingerAle on tap. ZERO. I was too sick to leave my house yesterday and the fact that I was out of GingerAle made me want to cry a little. Which leads me to my next random thought.....

* Why is it that the only time your kids take you {somewhat} seriously is when you're crying? I mean really. I had a {mini} meltdown last night with my kids. I was tired and ornery and sick and barfing and all I wanted them to do was to pick up the family room. I asked them at least 10 times! Once my tears started flowing from frustration.....they worked faster than I've ever seen them move! The place was spotless within 5 minutes!!! I should try it more often. Not the being sick part. The crying.

* Do you ever find yourself throwing out your kids' papers from school and then hiding THOSE papers with 'other' trash so your kids' don't find out that you just trashed their work? Don't get me wrong...I always save the 'important' and 'cute' stuff. But if I were to save every single paper from preschool and entire craft room would be overflowing. Am I bad mom or what?

* I have yet to watch the new NBC show 'The Voice'. I have it DVR'd and am super excited to sit down and watch it tonight. anyone else creeped out by Cee Lo Green? I don't know what it is about him but he sure gives me the heebie-jeebies. Now Adam Levine? Well, he's a different story.....I may just have a {slight} crush on him.

* I didn't think I would be all that into this whole 'Royal Wedding' hub-bub. But the closer it gets to Friday...the more I am. And yes...I will be taping it so I can watch it when I wake up. {No...I am not THAT die hard to set my alarm for 1 AM}. I think Kate Middleton is absolutely stunning and I'm somewhat giddy about the whole thing.

* Why do we find it necessary to 'clean up' before the cleaning lady comes? I {occasionally} splurge and get my beloved Isabelle to come over and do a deep scrub on my house. Every time I do though...the night before she's scheduled to come...... I find myself doing a mad comb-over my house. Doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of a cleaning lady? I'm crazy...I know. You need not remind me.

* I found THIS article on CNN Money quite fascinating. I've never even heard of LivingSocial but may just have to look them up now.


  1. I have 3 Living Social coupons for pedicures, facials and wait...another pedicure waiting for me in my email for when my swim lessons are over. I love that site!

    Also, can I get Isabelle's number? And how much does she charge for the "occasional" deep scrub?

  2. Sarah Mcloughlin commercial: YES!
    Crying to get your kids to do stuff: YES!
    Hiding and throwing out school papers: YES!
    Royal Wedding: YES!

    I think I agree with just about everything on here, except the cleaning lady thing...only because I dont' know what that's like!

  3. I agree with Lindsey agreeing with you! Everything here totally resonated with me!

    Except that I also give you an amen on the cleaning lady thing. I think the same phenomenon explains why I feel the need to fix my hair before I go get it cut.