Friday, April 15, 2011

Thoughts on AI.

* Yes...I {may} have shed a tear last night when Paul got the boot. I adored him and his cute smile. Please Paul...come out with an album that sounds as if Cat Stevens meets Ray LaMontange. That would be ideal. {Favorite Cat Stevens song ever HERE}.

* I L-O-V-E Will.I.Am and his commentaries on the show this season. He is hilarious and cracks me up every time he speaks.

*Stefano - you cannot go home anytime soon. I actually voted for the first time all season the other night for you.

* I know everyone is on the 'Scotty' bandwagon. He may just win...he has so many fans. But really...he sounds the same EVERY DARN week. He sings out of the corner of his mouth and every week he says 'I wanna get back to my country roots'.....SERIOUSLY? Did you ever leave your country roots? I've never heard him NOT sing a country song. Mix it up a little for us Scotty boy!

* Casey Abrams creeps me out. That's all there is to it. He stares out of the corner of his eyes so awkwardly into the camera. He doesn't know how to move on stage. And I'm ready for him to go home. Although...I fear that with how he reacted when they ALMOST voted him off...they may just have to have a team of medics on hand incase he decides to hyperventilate again.

* Jacob - just too emotional for me. Yes...he has a good voice. But a grown man SHOULD NOT have to cry EVERY SINGLE TIME he sings a song. A tad much, no?

* Lauryn and em.

* James - I'm on the fence. Reminds me too much of Adam Lambert...whom I LIKED...but just don't think we need another one.

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  1. Marci, you are too funny. I think I like James and Haley the best. That's based on the grand total of 17 minutes I've watched Idol all year.

    PS: thank you very much for the gift card, you are toooooo sweet my friend! :)


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