Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disneyland or Bust.

It's true. I'm obsessed with Disneyland. And NO....I'm not the type of obsessed fan who wears Mickey Mouse nightgowns and Tinker Bell jean jackets. And NO....I don't even wear Mickey Ears while I'm in the actual park. I honestly love it because it is such a MAGICAL place for our little family. There is nothing quite like seeing your kids' faces light up there. Best. Feeling. Ever. {Not to mention...we love the rides. And the food. And the parades....etc.}

I have a super kind husband who 'gets' my obsession with Disneyland {No...HE is not obsessed. He could go once a year and be fine.} Somehow though I've talked him into letting us go next week and we are on pins and needles with excitement! We've been so many times in the past....I thought I would share some of my VERY FAVORITE TIPS for DISNEYLAND. What are YOURS???

* ALWAYS go on the off season. And on a Tuesday or Wednesday if possible. I refuse to go a) on the weekends b) in the summer time and c) on a holiday. I'm not a very patient person {just ask Joe!} and I HATE waiting in lines. To be able to go and walk right onto the rides is SO NICE! You will enjoy your experience SO MUCH MORE if you do not go when it is BUSY.

* The corn dogs on Main Street from the little red cart are AH-MAZING. I am not exaggerating. They are $6 and worth every last penny.

* Always ride Space Mountain first thing in the morning when the park opens. There is never a line that early.

* Pizza Port is a 'must' for lunch time. The kids always split a slice of pizza and Joe and I always split the pasta. HUGE servings.

* Save your cup from Pizza Port and go back in throughout the day for free refills. {In this soda guzzling family...we save hundreds by doing this *wink*}

* If your child wants to 'Train as a Jedi'....get their early and have them sit in the very front. Then...have them jump up and down to get the Jedi's attention while he is picking volunteers.

* If you've been on the "Finding Nemo" ride once....that is plenty. I do not know for the life of me why that is always the very longest line!

* Your best chance at seeing Mickey and Minnie is at ToonTown. They are always there.

* People watching is at it's prime at Disneyland. Bring your camera and create a PEOPLE OF DISNEYLAND post {yes....I will be doing this again *wink*}

* The kettle corn in Downtown Disney is pretty much to die for.

* Don't waste your money on a super nice hotel. It's all about proximity. Find the very closest hotel to the DL main gate {through Expedia} for the very cheapest. Since you're at the park all day and all night....this is all that matters.

* If you find a First Aid center {at the front of the park}....they will give you aspirin, cold medicine, take your temperature, etc. All for free! Last time we went, Grant wasn't feeling well and we stumbled upon this. They took his temp and gave him some tylenol and we were good to go.

* If you take your kids on Tower of Terror {yes....I made the boys ride it with me} be prepared for them to say something like "Yeah mom...I kinda liked it.....but it kinda made my pee-pee tickle" - Carson age 5. We've been laughing at this one ever since! The boys were champs to even try it :) Needless to say...they do not want to ride it again!

Am I missing anything? Please do fill me in.


  1. WHAT?? You are really going next week!!!! Why are you not here with us RIGHT NOW!! You are in so MUCH TROUBLE!!! I have been dying to have one of those corn dogs....I'm getting one on Friday,

  2. Do you know about the baby center for changing diapers etc. It's awesome...it totally helped me to today with Boston's blowout!!

  3. Ok, that was so good to know! Now that we are so close to disneyland, we have been dying to go..but yes I HATE when everyone is in your way and there are a million people everywhere! Thanks for the tips Marci ;)

  4. When Scott's knee bothered him, he took a cane. They let us go first in line. Best trip ever!!!

  5. Thanks for the tips, we are going in October, I will be checking back to see follow up comments for more tips.

  6. Oh how i wish we could go with you guys sometime, it would be so fun! Have a great time!

  7. LOVE THIS POST, and agree with every word!!

  8. oh, and p.s. notice my profile pict is kendee and me in the California Adventure "A" :) Dying to go soon...

  9. Thanks for the tips! i wish i could go more