Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

* Busy week. Carson turned 5. AND had his first kiss all in the same week. Yes. I'm not lying. I spied him on the back patio giving our cute next door neighbor girl a peck on the cheek. I've never seen him smile so big. I didn't know whether to think it was cute - or whether to go out there and tell him to knock it off. When I did finally get around to telling him that 'we don't kiss girls until we're much older'....his response was "But we're so in love mom!". Really? Who knew that turning 5 would also unleash a rage of emotions with my little boy? Not sure I'm ready for this.

* I have yet to watch GLEE from this week. I just filled up my 32 ouncer of Diet Coke though and am hoping to fit it into my busy tv watching schedule tonight. I just want to put it out there though that YES....I realize the show has gotten {somewhat} scandalous this season can't stop watching it. Something about it pulls me in each week. I commend you if you just can't watch it anymore. I for one still hooked.

* I have a pet peeve with radio dj's. { may stem from me actually being one in the past}....Why on earth do dj's feel the need to tell us the name and singer of songs that are SUPER OLD and Super popular. For instance...."I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston".....or "Thriller - Michael Jackson". I'm pretty sure we're ok not having a reminder as to who sings some of the most famous songs of all times. There is a radio dj here in Phoenix that always does this and it KILLS me. Use that time to tell us the weather or something!

* Nobody every looks good in spandex. Ever. So why would one think that it's ok to wear them TO THE MALL? I sometimes think I have an overactive thought process. Sometimes though...I think there are people....who just don't have a thought process at all.

* Why is it that at the play place at the can almost automatically match up the boogery nosed kids with their parents? Without even knowing? It's one of my favorite games to play while I'm watching my kids smear the flu virus all over their faces {aka...go down the slide head first}. I love to point out the most annoying kids and then scour the benches for whom their parents might actually be. It's usually the ones on their cell phones paying no attention to the fact that their child just body slammed a baby. If I'm right? I treat myself to a cookie at Paradise Bakery. Have I mentioned doesn't take much to amuse me?

* I have a {slight} girl crush on Kate Middleton. And why for the she not a princess? And only a duchess? I know it's been explained a million times since last weekend but....I still don't get it.

* You know how people 'dream' of going bungee jumping....or cliff diving....or scuba diving in some exotic location? Well, I have a 'dream' of someday going on a 'ride along' with a cop. Yes...I'd have to double my anxiety medicine for the week prior to the ride along....but wouldn't that be a rush? I think I've been watching way too many late night COPS shows on TruTV. I am fascinated with it all though. I really just want to see what a typical night as a cop really entails.

* Why...for the love....does Subway only give you ONE napkin with your sandwich? I feel like writing a letter to Jared or something. They almost always give you a crusty look, too, when you ask for more. Like you're putting them out or something. Has anyone else noticed how stingy they are with their napkins?

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  1. If you want to make a trip to Provo, I'm pretty sure I could set up a ride along...:)