Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

* My eyes currently feel like they have shards of glass inside of them. Darn allergies.

* I really haven't figured out what all of the {HYPE} over Oprah's last show was about. I get it...people love her. But....THAT MUCH?

* The BOY finalists on the American Idol last night should NOT have worn WHITE pants. Anyone agree? It was a tad awkward. I'm just sayin.

* Speaking of AI.....after watching Steven Tyler perform last night...I must goobily gobily as he is....he's still got it. Very talented man!

* London informed me the other day that I had 'owies all over my face'. She was referring to my zits. Nice. Only 32 years old with gray hairs AND 'owies'.

* I have a NEW pet peeve at the mall play place. {Yes...we are there at least once a week. Soon to be more...with the 100 degree temps about to hit!}. It's when you sit down, next to a random mom....and she talks your ear off and wants to instantly be your BFF. I honestly think that some moms go to play places to make friends. Not me. Definitely not me. I find it very therapeutic to just sit all by my lonesome self, sip on my Diet Coke, munch on my Paradise Bakery cookie and people watch. I could people watch there for hours and not say a single word to anyone. {I just make notes of the people watching on my iphone so I can post about it later...hehe!}

* Gymboree is having a HUGE sale right now. Thank You Lindsay for the TIP! EVERYTHING in their store right now is $12.99 or under. I'm serious. EVERYTHING!!! I could seriously go nuts in there right now. Their summer stuff is irresistible.

*Speaking of sales....Old Navy is having a 40% off ALL Clearance items sale right now too. Thru Memorial Day. I found some cute cargo shorts for the boys for only 5 bucks! You can't get em that cheap at Target!!!

* I have a confession. I cried during "The Suite Life on Deck" finale. It's true. When Zach and Cody graduated....I produced a few tears. Come on....It's the end of an era, right?!?

* I've had 3 different people now tell me that I remind them of Christina Aguilera on The Voice. They say it's our mannerisms. Ummmm......? Really?!? Not sure if I agree or disagree?

* It's just not fair that Joe can fall asleep in .02 seconds at night and me...I toss and turn for a good 30 minutes before I zonk out. Joe could seriously fall asleep at ANY given time in ANY given place. WITH the kids running and screaming all around him. I wish I had that gift.

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  1. Nothing kills a trip to the park/playland/Chick-fil-A like a total stranger talking your ear off! I try really hard to be compassionate, but I have seriously considered warding them off with headphones.


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