Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kate's Ice-Cream Parlor.

Today....my cute little niece celebrated her 4th birthday.  

It was ALL things ice-cream and my sister {as usual} went all out.  Care to see the details?  They are pretty amazing.

Isn't this banner darling?  I want to throw MYSELF an ice-cream party just so I have an excuse to hang it in my own house.  Stephanie made it with scrapbook paper and die-cuts.

These were the invite's handed out.  The actual cone part had BUBBLE GUMBALLS inside of it!  How fun is that?!

Games included:

Sweet Shoppe BINGO!  Bingo markers were M&Ms of course!

Pin the Cherry on the Ice-Cream cone.  And also...musical chairs....with songs like "I Want Candy" and "Lollipop, Lollipop".  {Have I mentioned my sister is 'detail-oriented'?}

The treats were equally as amazing......

Scoops of 4 different types of ice-cream... 

...to go in your choice of a cone or cup {darling cone covers and ice-cream cups purchased at Michaels in their $ bins.  Love that!}

Six different toppings...plus chocolate, caramel and whip cream!

To-die-for chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

 Cupcakes in a cone. {These were my absolute FAVORITE growing up!} 

And homemade chocolate chip cookie ICE-CREAM sandwiches.  They were divine!

Then there were favors:

Cute little ice-cream cups from Michaels {$ bins again!} filled with ice-cream bubbles, candy flavored chapstick, bubble gum and ice-cream themed note pads.  

Great job Stephanie!

P.S. Have I mentioned that London is obsessed with Grandma?  Anytime another grandkid even THINKS about sitting on her lap....it's an all out war.  And London usually wins.

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  1. What darling pictures. Steph did go all out for sure but it was sure fun for everyone. Especially the kids.