Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Wednesday.

* London has been giving THIS song a big thumbs up lately.  So much so that when she first hears it on the radio...her eyeballs bulge out of her eye-sockets.  That's how much she loves it.  It might just be our summer anthem because the boys love it equally as much.  I {liked} it.  Until last night when I was trying to go to bed and it kept ringing through my head.  Now?  Not so much.  {Note to self:  stop watching TV and listening to the radio right before bed}.

* I really wish Jimmy Fallon was on BEFORE Jay Leno.  He is so...much...funnier!  Leno has lost his mo-jo.  Jimmy's 'thank you notes' kill me!  And I love The Roots.

* I really really really hate it when you invest a good 2 hours into a Dateline episode...only to find out that THE CASE HAS NOT BEEN SOLVED.  What gives?  Why would they even do this to us?  If it's to notify the public of a suspect or gain information.....then that's what America's Most Wanter is for! I LOVE Dateline.  But what I love MOST about seeing the scum-bag in the end get prosecuted and thrown into jail.

* Speaking of TV {yes...I watch a lot} have you seen the show 'Freaky Eaters'?  It's disturbing. Don't get me wrong...I get on my {kicks} of obsessions with certain favorite foods.  Otis Spunktemyer cookies.  Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream from Water and Ice.  Cracklin Oat Bran cereal.  But come on!  I get over it in about a week.  These people are literally OBSESSED. It's nasty.  

*And speaking of nasty {and TV of course} have you seen the show 'Hoarders'.  Another disturbing show that I can't seem to get enough of. Although lats night....I HAD TO TURN IT OFF.  It was an episode with a guy who hoarded RATS!!!!  I couldn't stomach it.  They were everywhere.  They even nested in his MATTRESS!

* Why are fireworks even allowed in the state of AZ?  I mean sparklers...yes, I can understand.  But anything else should be banned.  Have we not all been watching the raging wildfires burning through out our state so far this summer?  I think we, as a state, can go without our pyrotechnics for just ONE year.  Agreed?

* THIS seems to be my new favorite song lately.  Love this singer.

* My kids eat chicken nuggets and french fries AT LEAST one meal a day.  Everyday.  Sue me.

* It's that time of the year again where I count 'swimming in the pool' as a 'bath' or 'shower' for my kids.  Come my's chlorinated!  Germs are killed . 

*And now for my random thoughts on NBC's THE VOICE:

  -  Javier is my HANDS DOWN favorite.  His rendition of THIS song last night was AH-mazing. 
  - Cee-Lo speaks mumble jumble.

  - I am pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoy Blake Shelton.  He is so funny and somewhat charming, no?

  - Yes, my crush is still in effect for Adam Levine.

- And yes.  This is still my favorite new show.


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