Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer To-Do List.

These are my peeps.

We've got big things to accomplish this summer. Remember THIS post of mine?  Well...we printed ours out...filled in the lines {not all the way to 50....yet!} and we are ready to roll.

Since I always like to hear other people's ideas of 'summer fun activities'...I thought I'd share mine with you.  Keep in mind.  The kids came up with these ALL on their own. And the first thing they do when they wake up each morning is 'check the list' to pick something off of it.  It's turned out to be a HUGE HIT in our house {smile}!

1. Go to Ikea {checking this baby off tomorrow...can't wait!}
2. Basha Pool
3. Finger paint
4. Have a lemonade stand
5. Play with water balloons
6. Go bowling
7. Make a fort
8. Cook a new recipe {Grant printed one off of today.  Chocolate muffins.  Yum!}
9. Make play-doh
10. Have breakfast for dinner
11. Make popsicles
12. Go to story time at the library or Barnes and Noble
13. Buy a new board game
14. See Cars 2
15. Wash the car with dad
16. See Judy Moody {this weekend!  Can't wait!}
17. Have an ice-cream party with friends
18. Watermelon seed spitting contest
19. Sign up for the library summer reading program
20. Go miniature golfing
21. Go to a D-backs game
22. Utah Cabin
23. Greer Cabin
24. Grandma's pool
25. Ride the train at the mall
26. Learn a magic trick
27. Eat at Rainforest cafe
28. Eat chinese food with chopsticks
29. Plant some flowers
30. Wear costumes all day
31. Movie night at home with popcorn
32. Fly kites
33. Cousins sleep-over
34. Judy's pool
35. Go to dentist

As you can tell, we've already done LOTS of swimming.  This is a must here in sweaty AZ.  Have I missed anything?  Do share.

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