Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I'm Loving about Summer...

Grant.  In all his summertime glory.

* Sleeping in and taking naps.  Today I somehow was able to talk all three of my kids into taking a nap.  At the same time.  For 3 hours.  It was refreshing.  And worth the 20 minutes of whining from my boys as we were all trying to fall asleep.  

* Swimming, swimming and more swimming.  We just can't get enough.  Grateful that London actually enjoys it this year.  What a relief!

* Otter Pops.  And ice-cream bars.

* The library summer reading program.  Fun prizes plus I LOVE reading to the kids {and having Grant now be able to read books to ME!}

* Date nights DURING the week since babysitters are now at our fingertips!  Wa-HOO!!!

* So You Think You Can Dance.  The Voice.  And late night TRU TV.  

* London in summer-y dresses.  And the boys in muscle shirts. 

* Summer movies.

* Watermelon, watermelon and lots more watermelon.

* The fact that we get to head to southern Utah soon for cooler temps and the 4th of JULY!

Things I'm {not so much} Loving about the Summer so far:

* Early morning swim lessons.  {The Coombs are not early morning people.  Shocker...I know}. Certainly grateful for the boys' fabulous and fun teacher though!

* The fires up north.  Especially in Greer.  And Eager.

* The fact that my kids can pretty much go 90 mph from sun up til sun down.  I'm pooped by at least noon!

* Running errands with all 3 kids.  In the heat.

So there are definitely more pros than cons.  We LOVE not having a schedule and being able to plan our day as we go.  So happy to have 3 such cute little best friends in my life.

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  1. Are you sure these are your kids? How did you get all 3 so clean? And at the same time? Well done!