Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to School tradition.

My sister has started quite a festive Back to School tradition with her kids.  It's something I plan to copy next year.  And lucky for YOU...I'm sharing the details.  Because WHAT kid wouldn't LOVE a little extra sumthin' on their first day of school?

She starts out by having a BIG breakfast.  All the works.  She decorates the table and has individual place settings for each of them.

She found scrapbook paper and wrote them each a personalized note as part of their 'place mat'.

LOVING the apple with the pencil!  She cut out circles and put an initial sticker on each one representing each of her kids.

She tells her kids how she wants them to EACH meet one new friend a day.  And to bribe them {hey, a little extra incentive never hurts, right?} she tells them that for EACH new person they can tell her about after school, she'll give them a quarter.

Lastly,  she gives each of the kids a bottle of hand sanitizer to take into their teacher.  She removes the label {goo be gone} and fancies it up a little with their teacher's initial.  Cute, huh?

You can find my sister's blog HERE.

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