Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Finds.

I've discovered some new items lately that I am pretty much in love with.  And 4 out of the 5 things I'm about to share are FOOD related.  Go figure.  

Have you tried Tostitos Artisan chips yet?  Yum-MEE! We eat a lot of chips and salsa at our house and these chips are SO good.  They are thicker than a regular Tostito and have a lot more flavor than the original kind as well.  

I love anything Reese's.  And I love the mini Snickers that come out at Halloween time.  This new candy bar is like the perfect marriage between the two.  It's my new favorite treat of choice.  Tastes EXTRA dee-lish with a cold Diet Dr Pepper.  

Have I ever mentioned that my kids eat a lot of McDonalds? Sad, but true. And there's only so many cheeseburgers I can take.  Which is why I LOVE that they've added these Grilled Chicken Wraps to their menu.  {Somewhat} healthy...hey...better than a Big Mac, right? My favorite is the Ranch flavor.  

And speaking of {somewhat} healthy...only 80 calories!....these Granola thins with chocolate.  I like them so much better than the the thick granola bars.  And it has the added sweetness taste with the chocolate on the bottom.  Love them.

Lastly....have you ever heard of Indian Pine Gum Salve? Sounds weird, I know.  But let me explain.  Little Londy-Lou got some impetigo-ish rash right under her nose before we left for our trip to Utah.  I took her into the Dr. and he prescribed some Zythromax and then an ointment to use as well.  After a week and a half...the rash was still there and had not even begun to {slightly} disappear. I was at the local gas station up in Duck Creek getting my Diet Coke for the afternoon...I came across a little display of these tiny little tins that said "Indian Pine Gum Salve".  They had a little pamphlet with them that basically said this stuff clears up anything and everything.  I double checked with the lady working there and she vouched for it.  She said it takes care of blisters, pimples. splinters, etc.  I decided to give it a whirl {cost $7 for a tiny jar} and guess what?  It took care of London's rash.  It was almost like magic.  And it is now my new favorite little find.  Don't get me wrong..I'm not really one for 'home remedies'....I'm all for strong meds when it comes to clearing things up.  BUT....this little doo-dad is my new miracle worker.  

All photos via Google images.

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