Monday, July 18, 2011

Overwhelmed {just a tad...}

Yesterday I received a new 'calling' in my Church.  I was called to be the new Young Womens President.  For those of you who aren't basically means that I'll be in charge of all of the sweet teenage girls in my ward - ages 12 to 18.  To say that I am {overwhelmed?} is an understatement. I have such a mix of emotions as I start this new chapter.  Beyond excited is one of those emotions.  I feel very blessed.  And as I start this new calling....I just keep thinking....

I want to BE the type of Young Womens President that I some day hope my little London gets to have.  And with that as my incentive...I think I'll do alright {smile!} 

That said...I'll be posting LOTS of stuff having to do with this new calling.  And if any of YOU have GREAT ideas in this dept. of things that work and don't work...PLEASE let me know! I'm gonna need all the help I can get {wink}!



  1. Congrats Marci! You will be awesome!!!!

    Lori H.

  2. You will be awesome! Those girls are going to love you!!

  3. congrats girl! You will be wonderful. I too am in young women's as a Laurel adviser. So I can't wait to see all the great stuff you post! You are a very talented person.

  4. I'm so happy to hear it! You were MADE to be a YW pres! Those lucky, lucky girls!!

  5. I feel all of your emotions too! I was just put in this last Sunday as the President also and am a tad (to say the least) overwhelmed! I have loved your ideas so far and am excited to see what other great things you will add! If I come up with anything half as fab as yours I'll let you know ;) Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I just got put in as YW Pres. a couple months before you did and I know EXACTLY how you feel...(GULP). LOVE your blog and all the GREAT ideas!! I will be back here often :)