Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

* Have you seen the show on TLC "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant?"  I am dumbfounded when I watch this show.  How on EARTH do these people NOT know they are pregnant until the baby is actually coming out of them?  No period?  No tummy getting bigger?  No mood swings?  No hormones?  No NOTHING?  FOR 9 whole MONTHS??  I just don't buy it.

* What's all the hype about TOMS shoes lately?  They look pretty average to me.  Why is everyone raving about them on facebook?

* Why would one purchase SMART water over say DASANI or AQUAFINA? SMART water is almost always more expensive.  Can it REALLY taste THAT much better? Aren't ALL bottled waters pretty  much created equal?

* Have you seen the previews for the new fall NBC show "Up All Night"with Will Arnett?  I am giddy with anticipation. Love him.   

* I just barely finished unpacking from our Utah trip.  We got back a week ago.  I HATE unpacking from trips.  It's like admitting the FUN is over.  Bleh.

* What is Google + ?  Everyone posts about it but no one explains what in the heck it even does?

* I've decided I want to be friends with Jesse Tyler Ferguson in real life. {He's on Modern Family and guest judged on SYTYCD last night.  He's hilarious!} I have a long list ya know....of celebs I think I'd make good BESTIES with.  He's one of them.  Also on the list....Bob from The Biggest Loser, Will Arnett, of course, and Seth Meyers from SNL.  

* I have a pet peeve when it comes to public restrooms.  It's when there are NO paper towels as an option!  I'm no germ-a-phobe by any means...but opening the bathroom door to go BACK outside...grosses me out.  Which is why I always prefer a paper towel to do my dirty work for me.  I get that we're trying to be eco-friendly and all with the air dryers.  But one station of paper towels would not hurt, no?  

* Which reminds me...I saw in a public restroom the other day in a store I was shopping at...a sign that read "Employees must wash hands". Really?  I mean seriously.  Is this to make us feel better about their employees?  Because it's kind of sad that these same employees NEED A SIGN to remind them to wash their hands.  I'm just sayin...

* Remember how I'm a 'tween' at heart? new favorite song is THIS one.  Give it a chance.  It's catchy.  And how adorable is Selena Gomez?  Love her.


  1. ha, you crack me up. Although I have tried smart water, and it really did taste different to me, like drinking from a cloud! And I'm not unpacking or cleaning anything around here until the kids are back in school. What is the point!?

  2. Oh, ps, it's not just your blog being stupid with the comments, blogger has been having this problem for a while now. People try to leave a comment and blogger redirects them to sign in again (and again). The madness only stops when commenters UNcheck the "keep me signed in" box at login. Blerg.

  3. I was channel surfing last night and watched a minute of the pregnant show. That is about all I could stand. I mean really? And the acting? Agreed on the paper towel thing too. Maybe we should start carrying some in the purse. I swear you read my mind sometimes..and make me laugh.


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