Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

{Don't ya wish your eyelashes were as long hers?  I sure do.}
* I'm writing a letter to Sonic.  I think they need to have a happy hour that goes from like 9-11 in the MORNING.  That's when us moms get our kids off to school.  Isn't that reason to be 'happy' enough?  Kidding's when we start our errands.  We {and I mean ME} need a little pick me up to get us going in the AM, right?

* How is it that there are people who order at Subway and CAN'T DECIDE what toppings to get on their sandwich?  I'm pretty sure Subway hasn't changed the toppings that they offer in the last 20 years.  And I'm pretty sure everyone has been to Subway a handful of times in the last 20 years.  So why does it take some people FOREVER to order there?  And why, oh why, do I ALWAYS get stuck behind them in line???

* I just discovered Redbox.  It's true....I tend to be a {tad} behind on stuff like this {I honestly just downloaded my very first song EVER to itunes like a month ago}.  I am in love with it.  How have I missed out on the RB for so long now?  And now...they have wii games.  For $2.  For my kids of course.  {Ok...maybe...just maybe... the Michael Jackson Dance Experiment game was partially for me.}

* The other night I was flipping through the TV channels in bed and noticed that Nick at Nite now shows "Married with Children".  Thats right.  On NICKELODEON.  Is that just a tad weird to anyone else? Seriously...Married with Children.....on Nickelodeon.  Doesn't that go against everything a 'kids network' is about?  I still watched it.

* Does anyone else get up at the SAME time EVERY night to go to the bathroom?  It's weird how it's so exact, every night.  I once had a DR tell me to just 'train' myself to go back to sleep. And ignore the fact that I had to go.  SERIOUSLY???  Who on earth can do that? If I really didn't have to go tinkle...I wouldn't be waking up from the get go, right?

* I have a pet peeve when it comes to shopping stores.  It's when they change their floor plan up on me.  Why do they find it necessary to rearrange everything?  I used to think it was funny when I'd take my Grandpa Misel grocery shopping and he'd say that we had to go to the SAME store EVERY time because he knew where everything was.  I now GET IT.  I'm the SAME way. 

* Speaking of 'elderly'.... Joe and I really should be 'old' people. We like to go out on Fri and Sat nights at like 4:30.  To beat the crowd of course.

* Carson went his entire first day of Kindergarten this week WITHOUT wearing any undies.  And it didn't even phase him.  He prefers it actually.  YIKES! Thinking I need to start buying him boxer briefs now.  Maybe he'd feel a little less confined?

* Have you seen the show "Tough Cookie" on the Food Network?  It's my new fave.


  1. Love these posts! too can have those lases. I'm going to be doing lashes in the next month or so. I've had mine for a year and LOVE them.

  2. it was rex's birthday on tuesday and we went to dinner at ~ 5:00. first, i was teasing him about getting old ~ (he is only 46), but i kept saying they will probably give us the senior discount now. then i said we are going to be the youngest ones there at 5:00. we were :)

  3. Hey Sonic does have a morning happy hour of sorts. It is before 10 am. Large drink 99 cents. I am sure it's just not ours


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