Saturday, July 9, 2011

Small Town Observations aka {People Watching}.

Don't get me wrong.  I love small towns.  So much so that my dream is to one day build a SUMMER home right in the heart of Cedar City, UT. My parents were raised there, I attended college there {Go T-Birds!} and I even landed my very first job as an official radio DJ there too! Love, love, love it.  

Have you ever noticed though, there always seems to be quite an eclectic mix of people in small towns? They can be quite fascinating really.  Be forewarned before viewing these pictures: Not all were taken by me.  Some were taken by Joe.  And my brother-in-law Brent. And a couple of these pics are rated PG.  

So here ya go.  My thoughts and observations while people watching on our most recent Utah trip.....

In small towns....some think it's okay to go to the local hamburger joint, order fries and a shake and pay no attention to their bra strap hanging down.  I kept thinking this lady was going to fix it and pull it up....but nope.  For the entire 20 minutes I watched this lady...she let it dangle. She was making a fashion statement, I'm sure.

Speaking of bras...and fashion is never and I repeat never okay to wear a bright colored bra underneath a tank top. Period.   

Booty shorts?  Check.  Booty shorts that cause wedgies in which are too much of a pain to pick out?  Double check.

Nothing says 'tasteful' quite like a naked girl plastered all over your tanned and wrinkly arm.  Classic.

As seen at the local park festivities.....this guy wore this shirt with pride.  Yes...I edited the second letter of the second word since I like to keep my blog {somewhat} kid friendly :)  I'm sure you get the jist! His wife must be proud to call him 'honey'. I know I would be....had this been Joe of course!

Perhaps the BEST people watching we got roped into was when we got into our accident, heading up the mountain back to Duck Creek. We got hit by a drunk driver.  Who looked like this:

Why on earth, do you ask? do I have pictures of this moron walking away FROM THE SCENE with his back turned to us?  Oh...that's because once he found out the cops were on their way...he bailed and tried to run across the freeway and hide.  Lucky for Joe and I...we like to document morons like this {especially in events where they could've caused major harm to our families!} and the cops were able to look at our pics and find him within 10 minutes. people watching pictures really do pay off in the end. They actually serve a purpose!

Watching him get tested for alcohol and then handcuffed and arrested right before our very own eyes might have just been one of the most awkward/scariest moments of our trip.

There were however three miracles from this incident.  

1.  No one was injured.  THANK GOODNESS!!!

2. There was MINIMAL damage done to our car.  Can you even notice?  If you look closely under the right head light, you can {sorta} tell where we got hit.

And 3. Carson slept through the entire thing. Which was good....considering I screamed out a few profanities as Joe was slamming onto the brakes to avoid any further damage.  Phew!  


  1. ...And my number TWO goal for summer 2012 is to not make this list. (I tend to get pretty white trash on vacation.)

  2. Marci...It was so good to run into you and your cute fam in Cedar City. So glad that guy got arrested and you are all okay. Love your people watching pics.

    Lori M