Thursday, July 7, 2011

Utah Summer Fun!

The Lamoreaux family has made it a tradition to celebrate the 4th of July in southern Utah every year.  We look forward to it ALL YEAR LONG.  We rent the same fabulous cabin:

And we have a blast!  If I had to pick our TOP 5 most FAVORITE THINGS about this year's trip it would include:

1. Visiting our cute friends the Knudsen's who live in Gunnison.  The kids have such a blast with their kids.  And did I mention Shanell JUST HAD TWINS 3 weeks ago?  It's true.  And she still insisted we come and visit.  Can you say SUPER MOM?  {Wish I had taken a pic of those cute little babies! They were precious and oh so snuggly!}

2. Sitting out on the front porch and just.....RELAXING!  We LOVED the weather and literally soaked it in any chance we could get out there.  It. Was. BEAUTIFUL!!!

3. Celebrating the 4th of July in Cedar City.

4. Riding ATV's all around Duck Creek.  We couldn't get enough of it! So FUN!

5. The Scenery.  It just doesn't get much prettier than this!

Close Runner-ups would have to be:

* Eating at the Top Spot and Pizza Factory

* Reading outside while listening {and smelling} the fresh rain

* Ping Pong tournaments

* Xbox tournaments

* Pool tournaments

* Counting how many Wood Chucks we could find.  {They were EVERYWHERE!} My mom taught the kids the 'woodchuck' tongue twister and they {almost} proudly have it down.  Even little Londy.

* Going into the village to get our tri-hourly Diet Coke's.  

*Jamming out to the Coombs Summer Mix in the car. {Proud to say Joe listened to it well over 100 times and didn't even complain ONCE!}

* Sleeping with the window's open.

* Catching bugs.  

Last but certainly not least.....the PEOPLE WATCHING.  And don't you worry your pretty little heads my fellow people watching friends....I'm devoting an entire upcoming post all about it.  Pics were taken.  I've got proof! 


  1. WAHHHHHHHH! ((shedding tears)) My #1 goal for summer 2012 is to not only make it there, but to make the list as your #6 highlight.

  2. yep, Cedar is pretty great :)