Friday, July 8, 2011

Watermelon Limes and other fun stuff.

I need to come up with an excuse, quick! to throw a summer bbq party just so I can serve these cute little beauties for dessert.    Found on the blog This Chick Cooks ....aren't they CLEVER?  All it takes is a lime, pink sherbet and chocolate chips!  It doesn't get much easier than that.  Click HERE for details.

But you can't just serve ONE dessert at a party, right?  People like variety. Which is why I'd attempt to make these little mouth watering bites:

Mini Snickers Caramel Cheesecakes.  Don't they look divine?  Found on the blog Six Sisters Stuff can find the recipe HERE.

And one last thing.  If I were to serve a salad {which I would} I would make them up exactly like this:

Found on the blog Homespun with Love HERE.  Pure. Genius.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing our recipe!! And I like an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast too! haha :)

    We are new followers!

  2. Thanks so much for including my mini watermelons. I am eyeing hose snickers cheesecakes! You've got a lovely blog design. Have a wonderful weekend!


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