Sunday, August 7, 2011

Coombs Family Fun in the Mountains.

This past weekend we escaped the intense heat of Chandler and headed to one of our very favorite places in the AZ mountains.  Greer.   It's nice and cool there.  And green and lush.  And we had ourselves a ball.  We've discovered that anytime we go anywhere with Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Scott...we're guaranteed a good time.  Mainly because Grandma plans fun things for us like:

Hobo Picnics by the lake.  How cute is THIS?

The Candy Tree...

Grandma filled 2 liter bottles for each of the grandkids with candy, flashlights, coloring books, etc.  It was pretty much the coolest surprise ever .  Can you tell?

Bubble Time...

And by BUBBLES...I mean, the kind you blow and the kind you chew.  We were stocked with PLENTY of both!  Just check London's cheeks.

Other highlights from our weekend getaway included:

Fishing!  The boys caught a real live crawdad! 

Riding the Sunrise Ski-Lift...

Roasting S'mores....

{We discovered a new perfect combo for our s'mores....Reese's PB cups instead of Hershey's}. Try it.  You can thank me later.

And hanging out with smothering Baby June 24-7....


Thank you Grandma Marilyn for planning such a FUN FILLED weekend.  Now that we're home....we're already bored.  Can we come over?  I'm sure you're not tired after all of this...{Wink!}



  1. How fun!! I love the hobo picnic and the soda bottle treats, Marilyn is the best!!!!!

  2. My favorite place on earth, with some of my VERY favorite people! You lucky girl!

    PS - I LOVE the last pic. Marilyn is one hot grandma!

  3. I had so much fun! My grandkids are sure easy to please!!! Love 'em!!!
    Gosh, thanks, Marci!

  4. I love these pictures! But why does Marilyn look like a teenager in the last photo? (I want to hate her)

  5. You guys look familiar... I think that we might be related? My grandparents are Arthur and Mignon Coombs.

    1. Hmm.....I asked my mother in law and she said she had never heard of them before. Where are you from?

    2. My grandparents were from CA, but now live in UT. I have some distant cousins all with M names in the family... I guessed wrong. Love the blog by the way. You have a ton of great ideas!


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