Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Wednesday.

I wish falling asleep was as easy as this.

* The Post Office is going to be cutting back their hours of business and closing some of their locations.  Seriously???  I'm pretty sure we're all in agree-ance when I say that the Post Office is THE SLOWEST PLACE ON THE PLANET.  Why on earth would they make going there even MORE miserable?  And MORE busy?  Joe and I always joke that our post office scene would make the PERFECT skit for Saturday Night Live.  The workers there could care LESS how slow they are and how LONG their line is. And if the line is out the door and it's time for their darn...they're taking their break. No matter what.  It's as though it doesn't even phase them.  It's brutal going there.

* Alex Trebek has a stalker.  It's true.  I heard it on Access Hollywood myself.  What on earth would possess someone to stalk Alex Trebek?  If you're going to stalk a celebrity...go for the big-wigs.  Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell even!  But Alex Trebek?

* I like watching "America's Got Talent" when there's nothing else on.  But the more I watch the auditions, the more I think it should be re-named to "Who Wants to be the Next Circus Star?"  Is it me or do MOST of the auditions come straight from the 3 Ring traveling tour?

* Does anyone else think that Lady Gaga ALWAYS sounds like she has a stuffed nose when she speaks?

* I love Glee.  But Glee 3D at the movies?  Is this really necessary?  

* Hobby Lobby closes every night at 8.  EIGHT! On behalf of moms everywhere....I think we should write a letter to complain.  8:00 is when most of us moms make it out the door FREE WILLY with no kids.  It's FINALLY our time of the day to shop crafty-ish things with no one pulling at our legs.  Please Hobby Lobby....stay open until AT LEAST NINE!

* Speaking of stores...KOHLS really needs to invest in some more shopping carts.  Every time I go and take London with me...they NEVER have any.  I think there's a total of 3 per store.  Drives me nuts.

* Did you know Paradise Bakery now sells scones?  They do.  And they are divine. And they gave me a sample the other day when I was there.  {As if I need one more bakery item to be hooked to!}  Sigh.

* Vanilla Berry Sorbet at Bath and Body Works.  Smells better in the bottle than on your hands. Trust me on this.

* I love THIS song. And THIS one. He sounds a tad like Ray LaMontagne, no?

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  1. You're hilarious Marci! I love your randomness =) Totally agree with you on the post office, Hobby Lobby, and Kohls!


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