Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Wednesday.

Doesn't that smile just brighten your day?

* Every single morning I wake up tired.  And as I hit my {snooze} button once or twice, I promise myself that 'Tonight...I'm going to bed early.  No matter what'.  And then...every single night....'tonight' hits and I stay up late.  Again.  And the cycle continues.  It's not even that I have a valid excuse to stay up late.  I'm usually just watching TV.  But the beauty of it's ME time.  ALONE time.  KID FREE time.  And I seriously savor it.  I guess it's {kinda} worth waking up tired for, no?

* Why is everyone over-reacting about everyone over-reacting about Hurricane Irene?  Isn't it a GOOD thing that we were so prepared??  Shouldn't we be GLAD that it wasn't as bad as they forecasted?  Why do some people seem bugged that there was 'too much hype'?  I personally would be thanking my lucky stars... had I lived back east.

* Hoda Kotb has the most awkward facial expressions.  Don't believe me?  Just try watching her in a Dateline interview.  Like this one. It was HORRIBLE!  

* I treated myself to a pedicure today.  Which reminded me....why on earth do nail salons play the WEIRDEST music ever??? I mean seriously.  I know that they're trying to 'relax' us with their 'special' tunes......but come on!  It's so WEIRD...that no relaxing can ever be done.  Dear Nail Salons across the U.S.  Please play more of THIS and THIS and less of THIS.  And then...we can talk relaxing.

* Speaking of nail it just me or do their special 'massage' chairs never seem to work right?

* It was 115 degrees at noon today.  NOON!  Which means it got even hotter by 4 PM.  I've likened our AZ summer days to most peoples SNOW days.  When it's this hot...we are pretty much home bound.  Don't even like to leave our house! 

* Is anyone else checking Target around the clock to see when they'll be un-veiling their Halloween stuff?  I am giddy in anticipation.  Please don't let me down this year Target!

* There is nothing and I mean NOTHING good on TV right now.  Desperately awaiting the fall TV lineup to return.  {Does it sound like I need a life maybe?  Nah!}

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  1. I don't know. I hate over-reacting weather forecasts. Yes I like to be prepared. But too many nights I would get a code red phone call saying a tornado was coming... 'take evasive action... etc" and then nothing. I would turn on the tv and the weather guys were over the top and then nothing would happen. Yes I would like to know. But to scare the heebie jeebies out of me every time a storm would come through. Saying it's going to be the worst storm since -fill in the blank. So I don't know. Where is the line? Scaring the crap out of people for no reason. But warning them that something could happen? I feel like the storms that really do need the warnings, never really get them. Man my thoughts are so jumbled.

    I went to the grocery store at 8am last saturday and my car read 100. I won't even run errands during the day right now. And by day I mean if the sun is still up.

    Last nail salon I went to (which I will never be going back to) put some cold mask on my face. Supposedly it has aroma therapy "crap" on it. But it was just plain nasty. I would like to know how they sanitize those puppies. Between weird music and odd smells, it was my least relaxing "relaxing" experience ever!


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