Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This n That around my house.

I love decorating my house.  And it seems like a never ending process.  Which I LOVE...because it always gives me something FUN to focus on.  That is...when I have free time.  My problem is that I won't decorate a certain spot, unless the piece that I am adding, is something that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Which is why I still have a few bare spots around my walls.  

A new store recently opened up close to my house though, and it has given me the 'bug' to start filling up some of those empty spots.  I literally LOVE everything in their store.  It's called Rod Works.  For those of you in Utah...it just arrived here in AZ and I am in LOVE.  

I finally found a few things to cover the bare spot between my two family room windows.

The outlining rod iron piece is actually meant to hold a calendar.  But I like to think....that I thought 'outside' the box. Wink! 

The frame matches my kitchen/family room motif perfectly.  LOVE the damask!

I've also been wanting to re-do my kitchen table centerpiece area.  It was feeling pretty drab. {No picture to prove it, but trust me}.  Lucky for me, I have a SUPER talented mom who can sew like there's no tomorrow.  I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some fabric to match my kitchen {40% off of course.  Woot!}  My mom whipped me up a table runner and I am in love.

While at the Hob-Lob, I also found a cute tin black vase {50% off} and a bouquet of red flowers {also 50% off} and I came up with this:

I love the ball-ed detail on the ends of the runner.  That mom of mine.  There's not much she can't do.

And to top it all off...London approves.  Which is kind of a big deal.  Because if she had it her way...our entire house would be PINK!

Side Note:  I apologize for the repeated use of the word LOVE.  I just can't help myself.

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  1. Everything looks so fabulous! There's nothing you can't do!


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