Sunday, August 21, 2011

Preparing for the Temple HANGER handout.

YW Manual 3 Lesson 17

I had the opportunity to teach my cute Laurels today in church.  The lesson was on "Preparing for the Temple".  The Temple is always one of my favorite topics.  {To find out more about my religion click HERE.}.

When I was a teenager, one of MY leaders gave me a really pretty hanger to {some day} hang my temple dress on.  I saved it all those years and really did use it when I first went through! SO....when I saw THIS idea on Sugardoodle...I knew that I needed to make some up for MY girls.  

I think they were pleased with them...{I hope?} The hangers were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.  {They were impossible to find}.  I used the pattern from the handout on Sugardoodle and traced it onto my own card stock with the saying already printed out.  Font used was Curly.  


  1. Love. Coincidentally enough, this is what our YW Pres. has been giving our YW girls for their b-day. Miss you, let's do dinner!

  2. Marci, This is beautiful. What a great idea. I'm impressed with all the effort you put into this!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I found the White satin hanger at Kmart - 6 for $4.99!

  4. How did you connect the dress to the hanger?

    1. I just used strong glue dots to attach it! Good luck!!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! What a great way to teach your daughter about morals and temple marriage! Yay!!

  6. This is so adorable. i just finished making mine for this sundays class. thanx a million!

  7. Can I get the handout emailed to me, by chance? We want to use this in NC.

  8. Can you get the handout emailed to me, by chance? I need t also for YWiE this month. Thank you!!!!


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