Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mutual Ideas.

Lucky for me, in my calling at church, I have FABULOUS leaders that I get to work with.  They help come up with the BEST activities for the girls to do on Tuesday nights. Since I always find myself surfing around the web for new ideas...I thought I would post a few of mine here, for others to use!  {That's the beauty of the web, right?  Sharing ideas??}

One night we made these rosette flowers:

Image via Little Birdie Secrets.

They are quite easy actually and just take some trial and error.  I got the tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets.  I rounded up all different scraps of fabric and the girls had a ball making headbands with them. Cute, cute!

Last week we had a 'Tricks in a Bag' night.  We used the term 'tricks' because we thought that the actual term of 'Skits in a Bag', might turn some girls off.  Hehe...We're sneaky like that :)  Happy to say that ALL of the girls participated AND had fun.  The general idea of this activity is to break the girls up into teams {we had about 4-5 in each group}....hand them a bag with 5 random props in it {ours had everything from a scooter to a cat mask...} then assign each group a YW VALUE and have them come up with a skit based around THAT value.  Then...we preform them all at the end for everyone.  We all got quite a kick out of it!

A couple weeks before that, we combined the Mia Maids and Laurels and did a 'Temple Time Capsule' night and let me tell you...thanks to my cute counselor Dorie and my cute advisor Lisa...it was a HUGE success!  The 'jist' of the idea can be found HERE.  Other things we added were:  pictures of the dress they wanted to wear, pictures of their 'dream' wedding ring, a letter written to them from our Bishop, a letter to their future spouse, baby names they'd like to use....  It was FUN!

Next week...we are doing a 'Mother Daughter Spa Night'.  Still in the preparing stages of this but can't wait to share some details soon.  For now....here are the invitations I passed out over the weekend:

Get it?  It's a bottle of nail polish?  {Wink, wink!}

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