Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Wednesday {posted on Friday!}

This movie has overtaken our house.  Even Joe now knows every single word to every single line.  We wake up in the middle of the night with the soundtrack stuck in our heads.  It's cute and all but.....1,000 times later??

* Why on earth does everyone and their dog seem to go to the fast food drive thru as soon as I arrive?  Seriously.  Every time I get close to's empty.  And as soon as I turn to get into the drive thru lane, 3 cars mysteriously appear and get in front of me.  Never fails. I'm not a very patient drive-thru-er.  

* Speaking of drive-thrus. Dontcha hate it when you sometimes pull up to the window to get your fast food and you catch a bad whiff from inside?  This usually happens to me at McDonalds.  And sometimes Jack in the Box. Totally ruins your appetite for whatever fried and greasy item you had anticipated.

* Jack in the Box has THE BEST Diet Dr. Pepper.  Ever.  The large ones are more pricey than McDs.  But they are better.  Trust me.

* I have never understood why some people choose to put one of those yellow diamond shaped 'Baby on Board' signs in their car.  Really?!?  Do these people REALLY think that THAT sign is going to stop the crazy drivers?  I guess I just don't understand it's purpose.

* Don't waste your time renting 'Smurf Dance Party' on the Wii.  Lame-O.  Especially if you have Just Dance 1 or 2.  Your kids will look at you like..."Am I really supposed to dance to these cheesey songs?"  Again...just trust me on this one.

* I think that Gordon Ramsey is quite possibly the nastiest man on TV.  

* My kids LOVE Phineus and Ferb.  And I just don't get it.  I've had TONS of adults say how much they love it.  Me?  Not so much.

* Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars?  Seriously?  Bleh.  At least she won't be talking.

* Does anyone ever go to the store...come home...and realize you forgot to pick up like 3 things at the store?  This is me.  Every. Day.  Lists and all.

* Why is Nicki Minaj ALWAYS on the radio?  So sick of her songs!

* Speaking of songs on the radio....LOVING THIS one.  

* Remember how I said that there is NOTHING on TV right now?  I second that motion with the movies.  NOTHING good out right now.  Or anytime soon. Sad.  Going to the movies is Joe and I's very favorite thing to do!

* Next week THIS show premieres and I am giddy with anticipation.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Will Arnett.  And it looks HI-LAR-IOUS!  {And....Joe and I may have had the same argument that they are having in this clip...close to 100 times.}  I can relate. {Wink!}

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  1. On the baby sign comment...... the original reason was so that if you were in an accident the EMT's would be sure to look for the baby or rush more to care for your baby. I have heard of car seats being ejected from the car and being found somewhere else. I think it's great - I used them 17 yrs ago when I had my first born and they were more popular.