Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st.

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It's Sept. 1st!  It's Sept. 1st!  Although I'd like to officially announce that it's FALL now....we here in AZ still have at least a good month and a half left of this dreaded summer heat.  But it's Sept. 1st! and that gives us hope that it's {almost} here!  Fall is hands down my favorite season. Why you ask?  I'll give you just a sampling of why:

Pumpkin bagels are now in store at Einsteins.  Yum-My! If you 'like' them on FB you can get a coupon right now for a free one with purchase of drink.  Totally worth it.  LOVE pumpkin flavor anything!

I can officially break out my Gold Canyon 'Mulled Harvest' candles.  MMmmmmm.  Hands down best candles ever!  If you've never heard of HERE and TRUST ME!

Halloween of course!  Grant was Michael Jackson last year.  Best. Costume choice.  Ever! I've always loved Halloween....but once I threw kids into the mix of's became a whole new level of fun!

Gilbert Mother Nature farm 2010

LOVE our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  If you are around the area and have little kids THIS is the patch to go to. Cheap AND fun.  Plus....pumpkins are included with price of admission!

Another reason I love fall?  The fact that it gets DARK super early.  Which means...I can trick my kids into going to bed sometimes at 6ish.  Instead of 7ish.  Because at our house...DARK translates to LATE.  And I LOVE it!

Pumpkin baking.  I've got a LOT of fun pumpkin flavored recipes to share this fall!

And last but certainly not least...

Disneyland in October.  My most favorite time to go!!! Can't wait!


  1. This gets me giddy! There is NOTHING better than fall. I too busted out my fall candle today. Heaven scent!

  2. Yea for Fall!!! We are going to Disneyland in October too, what if our meeting actually works out this time?!??!? We are thinking the 18th and 19th, and you?