Sunday, October 30, 2011


I {kind of} consider myself to be somewhat of a HOLIDAY freak.  I LOVE decorating for holidays.  I LOVE throwing holiday parties.  I LOVE holiday candy.  But you just reach a point where....enough is enough.  And this is exactly how I feel about Halloween tonight.  I am BEYOND excited for it to be over. I've got one more class party to throw, trick-or-treating tomorrow night and then HALLELUJAH - bring on NOVEMBER!!!  There's a number of reasons why I love November.  My list includes {but is not limited to}:

1. Listening to Christmas music.  Nov. 1st is the green light for me.  And THANKFULLY...Justin Beiber's Christmas cd comes out THIS Tuesday.  Don't laugh.  He's got a duet with Boyz II Men AND another one with Mariah Carey. ME!

2. The air gets EXTRA crisp here in AZ during the month of November.  Tomorrow is {I think} our last day of 90 degree weather and then we drop down into the 70s.  PER-FECT!

3. Thanksgiving.  I love everything about it.  

4.  Black Friday.  Enough said. If you know me know I'm a freak about this.

Since I am SO done with Halloween...tonight I am drooling over Thanksgiving images online.  Here  are some of my favorites from my pal {even though she doesn't know I exist} Martha.

How cute are these nutshell name settings?  I'm a sucker for name settings ya know?

Loving these napkin ties.  I miss acorns.  And falling leaves.  And pretty much everything else from Virginia this time of year.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coombs Halloween Bash.....Part 2

Joe's siblings are always good sports at dressing up in costume for our Halloween party.   

Ryan: Billy Mays / Sarah - a cute fairy whom London became OBSESSED with!

Kent: 'Cereal' Killer Tauna 'News' flasher. They won my vote for MOST CLEVER costumes!

Grandma Marilyn, Joe as ? who knows what?? and Ms. Rapunzel 

The cute Bradford family.  They all dressed in Beatles song themes. You can read about it HERE.  It is SUPER clever.  Jenny: Lucy in the sky with Diamonds June: Octopus' Garden Will: Being the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Our Fear Factor game was the highlight of the evening.  There were 6 rounds.  They progressively got harder. And more disgusting. 

Round 1: Baby Bottle Burp.  One team member feeds the other team member a baby bottle filled with coke.  Whomever FINISHES the bottle FIRST…and then produces a loud BURP gets 10 points. {This SOUNDS easy...however with a nipple that is only a #1 - it takes forever and is hilarious to watch!}

Round 2: Banana Hose.  Pick one team member to place a pair of panty hose over their head.  The first contestant to eat an entire banana THROUGH the panty hose WINS.  Winner gets 20 points.  Another HILARIOUS event to watch!

William and Ryan BEFORE the banana.

Scott helping feed the banana through the panty hose.

William won.  Thankfully.  He was my partner!

Round 3: Slug Scrabble. Each team must sift through the slugs to spell out words with the Cheeze-itz scrabble crackers.  You have 1 minute to spell as many words as possible.  Words must be more than 2 letters long. The team to spell the MOST words….gets 10 points.  

It looked something like this:

Ewww.  The smell of these slugs was PUTRID.

Round 4:  Tug-O-Fish. Just like tug-o-war, but a one-on-one competition with a FISH. {Yes...eyeballs and all!} Choose one team member to participate.  This team member will go up against a different team member and play tug-o-fish.  At "Go!" everyone starts tugging. The first person to let go (whose hands slip off) is out or if the fish breaks, the person with the largest half of the fish in their hands gets the points.

Sarah and Tauna DOMINATED this round!!!

Round 5:  Lean Cuisine.   Large bowls were filled with Sardines, Pigs feet, Vienna Sausages and Spam.  The contestant has a designated amount of time to grab a sardine (or whatever you choose to use) in their mouth, run across the yard and drop it into the empty container. They must transfer as many food items as possible in the amount of time given but can only transfer one at a time.  Team with the MOST items in their bowl wins 20 points!  This was SO gross that only Scott and Mary were gut-sy enough to compete.  Mary won.  Woot!

Round 6: Jelly Bellies.  For this round  I purchased a few boxes of those gross 'Beanboozled' Jelly Bellies from a local candy store.  Flavors include:  ear wax, skunk spray, baby wipes, booger...just to name a few.  Whichever team could eat THE MOST jelly bellies in 2 minutes...scored 30 points.  It was nasty.

Bonus Round:  Pest Control.  Also at my local candy store, I found boxes of yes...dead meal worms {with a mexican spice}, dead crickets {with a tangy sour cream and onion flavor}and chocolate covered insects.  30 points were awarded for EVERY cricket consumed.  30 points were awarded for every WORM consumed.  And 10 points for EVERY chocolate covered insect.  The worms and crickets looked like this:

Can you believe my husband ate 24 of these?  

So nasty.

And just in case you've cared to read this are the Party favors for my LOVELY family members who were SUCH.GOOD.SPORTS!

Boxes of homemade Caramel Corn {recipe to be posted soon}.  Boxes were purchased at Michaels.  And subway art was printed off of eighteen25 and framed.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Annual Coombs Family Halloween Bash...Part 1

Monday night we held our Annual Coombs family Halloween Party!  Joe and I have held this at our house for the past few years and we always have A LOT of fun!  Allow me to share some party details:

The 'Spooky' Kids table.
 {If you look closely at the left hand corner, you can see London watching her new favorite obsession.  Aladdin. She cannot get enough.}

Mummy juice boxes.  {Covered in gauze}.

Kids favors.

Spider Plates.

As for the Adults Table:

Paper plates were purchased at Michaels. The plastic containers were picked up at a local teachers store via my sis for FREE! 

I made these paper lollies for the place settings.  The two decorative circles are just cupcake liners.  The outer one I made with scrapbook paper and then I printed Halloween images off of the internet for the centers. 

Silverware/Napkin holders.

I found these DARLING, LIVE pumpkin branches at Trader Joes.  Aren't they unique?  You put them in a vase with water and you have an instant centerpiece!

As for our food....we noshed on:

SCABS - beef jerky

MONSTER MUNCH - this stuff is addicting.  I will post the recipe tomorrow.  {I always like filling cellophane bags with this and giving it out to friends and neighbors}.

MONSTER EYEBALLS - oreo truffles dipped in green chocolate with life savers and candy eyeballs on top!

VOMIT - spinach dip.  This clever little  idea was found on my friend's sisters blog JAMIEE ROSE.  {A FABULOUS blog to read!!}

PUMPKIN BONES - cheese puffs

WITCH WANDS - chocolate covered pretzel rods

GHOST POOP - mini marshmallows

GHOST POPS - vanilla flavored cakepops

Straws purchased at Fry's.

SAND-'WITCHES' - melt in your mouth ham and swiss sandwiches

CAT BITES - I have my local Basha's bakery dye a couple loafs of bread black every year for me.  The kids LOVE it!

And for dessert.....

VAMPIRE CUPCAKES.  These pumpkin flavored cupcakes were DIVINE.  My sister-in-law/food guru Jenny made them and you can find the recipe HERE.

Later tonight I bring you PART 2 of our Halloween party: favors, costumes and the oh so dreaded FEAR FACTOR game.  I'm not naming any names person barfed this year from it.  I feel like my job grossing the contestants out was well done...mwah ha ha ha!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


If you haven't been to Disneyland at Halloween really must add it to your To-Do list.  It is quite magical.  This year we splurged and went to 'Mickey's Halloween Party'.  It did not disappoint.  The kids dressed up in their costumes and we got enough candy to get us through until Christmas.

The kids well....they couldn't have been happier!

We brought Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Scott along with us this time.  We had a BLAST!

I think NOW...they truly understand...just how obsessed I am with Disneyland.  They might have just seen me in a whole new light! {And I don't know if that's good? or bad?}

We saw our fair share of PRINCESSES. {It was London's motivation to get quickly potty trained.} The bribery paid off! She had NOT ONE accident the ENTIRE trip.  Woo to the Hoo!

'The Slippy' was a huge hit with Ariel.  

London was SO glad to drag that blankie ALL OVER the park.  She now thinks of it as EVEN MORE magical. If that's possible?  {I'm pretty sure if she had to choose between ME and THE SLIPPY....THE SLIPPY would win}.

We only had TEARS a couple of times.

#1: Waiting in line for the new Little Mermaid ride.  Carson was afraid that it would be TOO GIRLY!  He was afraid it just might ruin his masculinity.  He even cried out a booger he was so upset {see above}.  Proud to say...he actually ENJOYED it.  And wanted to ride it AGAIN.

#2 crying incident:  Waiting in line to ride Indiana Jones with Grant.  He was FINALLY tall enough and by darn....we were making him ride that ride whether he liked it or not.  And guess what?  Even with the 'scary snake', the boulder and all the spiders in the dark....HE LOVED IT!  Phew!

Another highlight of our trip was seeing these two fabulous ladies:

Joe's cute cousins:  Jane and Aileen
I only wish we would have been able to spend MORE time with them.  Some day ladies!

We ate a lot.  Laughed a lot.  Walked a lot.  And had a BALL!  

And London was on CLOUD 9 the ENTIRE time.  It was a trip well worth the money. {Smile!}  Nothing like making Disneyland memories with the family. They are some of my favorite!