Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Annual Coombs Family Halloween Bash...Part 1

Monday night we held our Annual Coombs family Halloween Party!  Joe and I have held this at our house for the past few years and we always have A LOT of fun!  Allow me to share some party details:

The 'Spooky' Kids table.
 {If you look closely at the left hand corner, you can see London watching her new favorite obsession.  Aladdin. She cannot get enough.}

Mummy juice boxes.  {Covered in gauze}.

Kids favors.

Spider Plates.

As for the Adults Table:

Paper plates were purchased at Michaels. The plastic containers were picked up at a local teachers store via my sis for FREE! 

I made these paper lollies for the place settings.  The two decorative circles are just cupcake liners.  The outer one I made with scrapbook paper and then I printed Halloween images off of the internet for the centers. 

Silverware/Napkin holders.

I found these DARLING, LIVE pumpkin branches at Trader Joes.  Aren't they unique?  You put them in a vase with water and you have an instant centerpiece!

As for our food....we noshed on:

SCABS - beef jerky

MONSTER MUNCH - this stuff is addicting.  I will post the recipe tomorrow.  {I always like filling cellophane bags with this and giving it out to friends and neighbors}.

MONSTER EYEBALLS - oreo truffles dipped in green chocolate with life savers and candy eyeballs on top!

VOMIT - spinach dip.  This clever little  idea was found on my friend's sisters blog JAMIEE ROSE.  {A FABULOUS blog to read!!}

PUMPKIN BONES - cheese puffs

WITCH WANDS - chocolate covered pretzel rods

GHOST POOP - mini marshmallows

GHOST POPS - vanilla flavored cakepops

Straws purchased at Fry's.

SAND-'WITCHES' - melt in your mouth ham and swiss sandwiches

CAT BITES - I have my local Basha's bakery dye a couple loafs of bread black every year for me.  The kids LOVE it!

And for dessert.....

VAMPIRE CUPCAKES.  These pumpkin flavored cupcakes were DIVINE.  My sister-in-law/food guru Jenny made them and you can find the recipe HERE.

Later tonight I bring you PART 2 of our Halloween party: favors, costumes and the oh so dreaded FEAR FACTOR game.  I'm not naming any names person barfed this year from it.  I feel like my job grossing the contestants out was well done...mwah ha ha ha!


  1. seriously?! can you hear that? that's me applauding you here in the tukee! you are amazing my friend! love. it.

  2. So cute! I'm stealing your paper lollipop idea. I love those!...and all of your ideas!

  3. I love seeing how creative you are!!!

  4. Wow - that looks like a lot of work. You are such an amazing party planner. Very impressive.

  5. I am almost embarrassed to admit how much I've been obsessing over this post. Like, staring at the pictures late at night, pretending that I'm you.


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