Sunday, October 30, 2011


I {kind of} consider myself to be somewhat of a HOLIDAY freak.  I LOVE decorating for holidays.  I LOVE throwing holiday parties.  I LOVE holiday candy.  But you just reach a point where....enough is enough.  And this is exactly how I feel about Halloween tonight.  I am BEYOND excited for it to be over. I've got one more class party to throw, trick-or-treating tomorrow night and then HALLELUJAH - bring on NOVEMBER!!!  There's a number of reasons why I love November.  My list includes {but is not limited to}:

1. Listening to Christmas music.  Nov. 1st is the green light for me.  And THANKFULLY...Justin Beiber's Christmas cd comes out THIS Tuesday.  Don't laugh.  He's got a duet with Boyz II Men AND another one with Mariah Carey. ME!

2. The air gets EXTRA crisp here in AZ during the month of November.  Tomorrow is {I think} our last day of 90 degree weather and then we drop down into the 70s.  PER-FECT!

3. Thanksgiving.  I love everything about it.  

4.  Black Friday.  Enough said. If you know me know I'm a freak about this.

Since I am SO done with Halloween...tonight I am drooling over Thanksgiving images online.  Here  are some of my favorites from my pal {even though she doesn't know I exist} Martha.

How cute are these nutshell name settings?  I'm a sucker for name settings ya know?

Loving these napkin ties.  I miss acorns.  And falling leaves.  And pretty much everything else from Virginia this time of year.

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