Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Break.

It's only day 4 of Fall Break and we're all starting to go a little bonkers around here.  Don't get me wrong...we LOVE sleeping in until 9:00.  It's what happens AFTER 9 that is a little un-endearing.  Here's what our Fall Break is consisting of:

Teaching THIS sassy diva how to pee on the potty.  Need I say more?  Shoot me now.  Yes...the entire Rapunzel get up is necessary when potty training.  It is incentive.  {And yes...after seeing this picture...I realize how disgusting my grout is.  Why can't boys just pee IN THE TOILET?  Must add 'scrub grout' to my to do list now.  Ugh}.

Teaching 'Mario' how to ride a bike.  {If he isn't the cutest Super Mario Bro. in town...I don't know who is?!}

Teaching this SIX year old that 'Damn it' is not an appropriate phrase to repeat {loudly} at the mall play place with other kids around. {Yes...I infact taught him it was NEVER appropriate to say....just couldn't believe my ears when I first heard him say it at the play place.}  Wonder where on earth he would've heard that phrase before?  Huh.

We also had a minor catastrophe on our hands for a few days.  London lost her slippy.  It was sad.  And painful.  And there were 2 sleepless nights over it.  LUCKILY...Grandma Marilyn came to the rescue and FOUND it in her play house.  PHEW!!!  

Reunited...and it feels so good!

Don't be jealous of our awesome Fall Break so far.  If we didn't have a trip planned to Disneyland soon...I might just pull all my hair out.  Just sayin.


  1. That picture of London on the john should be your Christmas Card picture.

  2. I'm with Jenny! Potty training is pretty cute, but a potty training Rapunzel is Christmas card worthy!

    And I hear you're meeting up with Jane & Aileen at Disneyland! I am so "damn" jealous!

  3. LOL I love your kids!!

    Let me know when you guys plan a Disney trip....Kenna is DYING to go again!