Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've had a birthday...Shout HOO-RAY!

My 33rd birthday has come and gone and can you believe that I took NO pictures to document it?  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  What was I thinking?  You'll have to bear with me while I give you the deets.  Picture-less.  Lets start with the lowlights.  Luckily...there was only one. 

Lowlight:  Grant waking me up at 6 AM asking me for my facebook password.  May I remind you that...he's 6  years old!  And he wants to get on my facebook account!?!  When I told him no...and then rolled over...he stormed out of my room and yelled "This is the worst day ever!"  If that doesn't SCREAM Happy Birthday Mom and I love you...I don't know WHAT does!

Lucky for me...there were FAR more highlights to be had.

* breakfast at Liberty Market with Joe, my parents and my sis.  I ate so much I wasn't hungry until dinner.

* a sparkly purple pedicure with my mother-in-law + a large Diet Coke.  SO fun!!

* shopping.  Kidless.  At all of my favorite stores. {Did you know... Old Navy is having a HUGE sale right now?}

* laying in my bedroom with the windows open and reading magazines.  

* receiving one of THESE.  SO super excited to try it out.

* dinner at Joe's Farm Grill with my fam and the Rupas.  PERFECT night to eat outside.  It was bliss. And so was my pumpkin pie milkshake that I ordered.  It was like drinking the season of fall, right through a straw.

* all of my friends' texts, notes, cards and facebook messages.  How special you all make me feel!  I am the luckiest girl alive!!!

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