Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black and White Evening in Excellence

Last night was our Young Women's Evening in Excellence program.  This was our first real BIG EVENT as a new presidency and I'm proud to say....the evening turned out remarkably {thanks to my awesome counselors, secretary and advisors!}  And of course....our young women....who are about as darling as it gets!  

For those of you who care {or are serving in Young are the details}:


We chose this as our theme.  We got the idea from HERE.  {Pretty much everything having to do with the evening: refreshments, decorations, favors, our outfits.....were all BLACK and WHITE}. The idea was to explain to the girls that .....what we BELIEVE in is black and white. There are NO gray areas to our beliefs.  We are either FOR these things....or we are not.  And the 13th Article of Faith tells us just that.  

Lucky for of our very dear friends dabbles in the 'decorating' business.  She let us borrow all her 'loot.  Don't you just LOVE the chair covers?  I thought they made things look so elegant.

We lined up about 4 long tables and displayed the girls' projects on this.  With each girl's project, we had their picture {taken on Sunday} and a name plate.  There was some NEAT stuff on these tables.  Such talented young women I get to work with I tell you!

I think the very favorite thing that we were able to 'borrow' were the chandeliers.   Don't they make our podium look nice and cozy? {My friend says you can purchase these at Hobby Lobby.  With your 50% coupon they come out to be $25.  I want, like....10}.

Remember how I {sorta} have an obsession with water bottles matching my themes?  This was no exception.

So simple to do...Just cover in scrapbook paper!

My very favorite part of the evening was the content of course.  Second runner up?  The food table.  

Chocolate cupcakes, Homemade Oreos, White Chocolate dipped Marshmallows.

I've discovered that if you make a plain old box of chocolate can WOW people with the frosting and they'll think the whole darn thing was homemade.  I have a YUMMY cream cheese frosting that I like to use for cupcakes.

Ginormous marshmallows were found at Wal-mart. 
{Man that place is such a hit or miss}.
I dipped them in white chocolate, added sprinkles and a lollipop stick.

White chocolate dipped pretzel rods

Yummy Oreo Truffles.  { the MINT Oreos.  They are DEE-LISH!}

As for the favors {because yes...every party needs them!}...

We had a table on display with a copy of the September New Era {this issue is focused ALL ABOUT Personal Progress}.  Each girl was to take one home with them as well as the TRUE to the FAITH books that each family should have in their homes. a little special something...we gave them these necklaces...

Bottlecaps were purchased HERE.  Circular printable was purchased on etsy and temple charm was purchased on Charming LDS Gifts.  

Dorie, Rachel and myself....Our presidency {minus my cute secretary Sonia who was not there yet}.


  1. Marci, everything looks amazing and you girls look fabulous too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. AMAZING!!!! your girls are the luckiest young women alive! :) :)

  3. I found my way to your site from Pinterest and now I'm a HUGE fan! I LOVE all of your YW handouts & ideas and I've just pinned about a gazillion of them! Thanks for all of the fun and wonderful ideas!

    Your new true fan...


  4. Do your YW plan or is it all leader generated?

  5. Super cute necklaces, food, everything! And your polka dot scarf! Care to share where you got it? :)

  6. I LOVE the necklaces SO CUTE!!! Where did you get the chains?

  7. I love it! However, Your ward must have a really big budget to be able to do an evening on this grand of a scale - I know our ward would never be able to do something like this.

  8. Oh goodness... OVERWHELMING for a new YW as of 2 week ago!!!! Just kidding... absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for giving me something to aspire too! I'm glad my secretary found you and sent me the link.

  9. Wow, Marci! Your decorations and the entire room looks amazing! What about a very small branch up in the mountains in Northeastern Utah? We have very little budget to work with, very few girls, and I am so new at being a YW's president that I smell like green alfalfa! This is my first year in organizing the YWIE program and I am not sure where to start. You are indeed a blessing to your young women and your ward. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Marci, Thank you for sharing you wonderful ideas. I wanted top copy your white chair sashes for New Beginnings. I will be sewing them. The room looks gorgeous. Could you tell me the measurements of the fabric.
    Thank you Noelle

    1. Unfortunately I borrowed those from a friend who has a decorating business and so I have no access to them right now...SORRY! Good luck! xoxo

  11. Wow. I'd like to know what your annual budget is! Bottled water? I would never even consider that. You might want to keep in mind when posting pictures of every single thing that most wards would not be able to decorate like this.

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas and talents for building up the kingdom!!!

  13. This is hilarious!!! So I was looking at the links you suggested from your previous post and I KNOW RACHEL!!!! She used to be in my ward here in Goodyear!! SMALL WORLD!!! I'm loving all your ideas!! Thank you so much for your help!!! Tell Rachel HELLO!!!

  14. Wow. That all seems a bit excessive.

  15. Hello! Wonderful planning on this party. I'm a true believer of going the extra mile for youth activities! Make them fun so you get great attendance! Question: Where did you get the stands that hold the chandeliers? What are they called so I can Google search them? I'd like to use these for a daughters wedding reception. Thanks :)


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