Monday, November 14, 2011

I'd like to make a request....

I heard that line MORE than any other line while working as a dee-jay at a local radio station.  And guess what?  Radio stations don't even PLAY requests.  They pretend like they do.  But they don't.  They just tape your voice and if the song happens to come on.....they play your 'request' over it.  Don't tell em I told you.

Today, I'm wanting to REQUEST some pretty good Christmas tunes for your listening pleasure.  They are some of the VERY BEST Christmas Cds out there. My tree and Christmas decor starts to go up a week from today. And you better believe I'll have these tunes cranked up while I'm 'decking the Coombs halls'.  Here are my favorites:

Mariah Carey Merry Christmas.  A classic....a must have in every household.  THIS song just never gets old.

A few years ago I bought her SECOND Christmas Cd....

Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas II You [Audio CD]

This one is just alright.  There are a FEW hits.  But it's not one I listen to on repeat.

Another classic and must have:

Amy Grant Home for Christmas.  Love every song on here.  Especially THIS one.  No matter WHO seems to re-do it....her version will always be the best.

Her second Christmas cd....

Christmas to Remember

Equally as good.  Worth purchasing.

More of my Classic Favorites include:

Yes...Christina Aguilera.  Surprisingly good!

This year I purchased two NEW Christmas cds.  {I like to add to my collection each year}.  

Justin Bieber Christmas Album Cover

The Biebs.  Love it.  THIS song is Grant and Carson's favorite.  {No surprise really...because if Busta Rhymes in the background doesn't SCREAM 'holiday mood'....I don't know who does!}

You gotta love Michael Buble.  You just have to.  This cd is WONDERFUL!

As for my ALL TIME favorite Christmas songs?  It's THIS one and THIS one.  Hands down!

What are YOUR Christmas music classics???


  1. Oh my...I'm going to have to ask for the Michael Buble one. I LOVE my Harry Connick Jr Christmas CD!

  2. I bought J.B. and M.B. a few weeks ago.

    Isaac and Gwen both rock out to drummer boy. Isaac get's the rap arm thing going "I'm surprised you haven't heard this in the bible" Cracks me up every.single.time. Gwen Dances every time the song starts.

    Any time I think of Amy Grant Christmas I think of "wonderful, counselor. Lord of life. Lord of all..." haha.

    Now on my list Mariah. And Sarah McLachlan.

    Thanks :)

  3. ps. My favorite has always been carpenters. I love every song.


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