Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Wednesday {posted on Friday}.

It's back.  I know you've been on pins and needles....

* Michelle Duggar is expecting baby #20.  TWENTY!!!  Good for her... but seriously there are so many things wrong with this.  I'm tapped out with my THREE kids!  THREE!! {and my uterus almost fell out after the THIRD!}  How on earth is she having her 20th kid and staying sane?  And how are her lady parts still in tact??? TLC has GOT be paying for her reconstructive surgeries.

* I really want the kitchen floor on "Parenthood". {The black and white one at Adam's house?}  And the backyard of Zeke and Camille's.  Bliss!

* My sister gave me THIS cookbook for my birthday.  I think it might just be the best cookbook out there.  So many yummy recipes with practical ingredients.  And pictures to swoon over as well.

* I'm so done with Jay Leno and David Letterman.  Someone give them the boot already!  I think the best late night lineup would be between Conan.....Jimmy Fallon.....and Jimmy Kimmel. THAT would be a real ratings war.  Please bring them to primetime late night network execs.  PLEASE!

* Have you ever checked into the ER of a hospital?  I have.  And I'm wondering...why do they ask you your life's history at check in......then the nurse asks you......then the DR asks you......Can't they all just look off of the same sheet? Isn't that the point of CHECK IN?

* Also....I was wondering...why do SOME people go to the ER?  Isn't that like a life or death kind of place? Where you go...just in case of EMERGENCY? While we were there {and the entire room was spinning and my eyes were twitching back and forth} there was a man who literally checked in....cracked open a diet coke and sat down to wait to be seen.  Doesn't this defeat the purpose of 'emergency'??  

* On the news the other night they said that there was a BLACK MARKET for BREAST MILK.  Seriously?  Now I'm really no fan of breast feeding to begin with {let's be honest}.....but who on earth would be PURCHASING their breast milk from a complete STRANGER!?!  How do you not know that they could be on drugs or have some weird disease?  

* My favorite thing at night is when I go up to bed {usually around 11ish} and one of my boys wakes up, delirious and comes into my room to snuggle. I secretly love them getting in bed with me. {Smile}.  I just hate waking up around 2 with their foot wedged in my stomach. 

* I'm a big fan of Brian Williams.  Especially his new show on Monday nights.  Charming, witty and newsworthy.  

* Did anyone else find it odd that Dr. Conrad Murray showed NO expression when his guilty verdict was read?  NONE whatsoever???  How are you committed of a crime and have NO facial expressions at all???


  1. Love Brian Williams. Don't tell my William.

  2. Try the cinnamon bun popcorn you won't be disappointed

  3. I seriously HAVE been on pins and needles Marci. I love, love these posts.

    PS - How CUTE is that picture of your kids??


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