Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving decor ala moi.

I sound like super fancy with that title, huh?  Pfffff.

I busted out the turkeys and pilgrims yesterday.  As I was decorating every little nook, I asked myself "Why are you doing this?....."  You see...I like to decorate for CHRISTMAS beginning on the week OF Thanksgiving.  Which is like 22 days away.  Some would say it's kind of pointless to only put up decorations for 22 {well, even less than that} days.  But....I guess you could say....I'm not 'some'.  I'm a decorating freak, remember? I blame it on the OCD in me.  

Here are some of my favorite spots in the house:

Framed art printed FOR FREE from the cute blog Craftily Ever After.

I love that the top pumpkins have REAL stems in them.  

Don't you just love this cute little burlap banner?  My sis in law Jenny made it for me for my birthday.
{P.S. I love burlap}.

I made these clay pot turkeys while I was at college in Cedar City.  I think that's why I can't seem to get rid of them.  They bring back memories.

And speaking of mom made these cute little clay pot pilgrims YEARS ago.  They remind me of my childhood.

Such an easy way to dress up a coffee table - Leaves in a Vase!

Just scored this wreath at Hobby Lobby today for 50% off! Everyone needs a FALL wreath.  Why?  Because you put it up as soon as it turns September.  Take it down to make room for your Halloween wreath of course...and then hang it up for the month of November...until your Christmas wreath makes it's debut.  {I'm kind of obsessed with wreaths too by the way}.

Something else each household needs:

A chalkboard stand to place in your kitchen.  {We write things on this ranging from "Happy Birthday" to "Mom's not cooking tonight...Let's eat out". Super fun!!


A countdown board.  My cute friend Molly gave this to me for my birthday and let me tell you...the kids LOVE counting down to big events.  It is a must.


  1. You need to do another list of your favorite christmas albums. Pretty please!

  2. i love your decorations! do you know where friend got that cute count down board?

  3. Lisa - I believe she got it on one of those Groopdealz offers. But...I did a little research for you and they have one somewhat simliar to mine here on etsy:

    Hope that helps!

  4. Let me say your decorations are absolutly adorable! Also, I love that Jesus picture!!! Where did you get it from? I really want one for my home. My 4 yr old often asks who Jesus is and I think it would be great to have a picture of Him loving on kids and that one is perfect:) Thanks, Sara Please email me at sara kem 84@ (no spaces)


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