Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Story ala Coombs.

Does anyone else feel like they're now in a coma since Christmas has ended?  I'm pooped!!  Here's how our December 25th went down.

The kids came in our room at 5 AM.  Yes, 5 AM.  We told them to come back in in an hour.  And then 30 more minutes.  And then 30 more.  We finally all ventured downstairs together at 7 AM.  

The two favorite items of the day?

Nintendo Wii

And a trampoline fresh from the North Pole with frost to prove it!!  

We headed over to my sister Stephanie's for Christmas brunch.

Kiddie table.

Lamoreaux adults.
And we feasted! 

Aren't those place settings cute?  They're made out of candy canes.  We had egg casserole, hashbrowns and I tried out a new french toast souffle recipe found HERE.  It was yummy.  Super yummy.

We had just enough time before heading to church for some Kodak opportunities:

ALL of the Lamoreaux cousins!
Cousins WITH Grandma and Grandpa.  They sure are lucky kids!!
 After church {which consisted of my kids being incredibly irreverant and high on sugar - - Grant got the giggles over something and even regurgitated the Sacrament water BACK INTO the tray...good thing it was blessed, right?!  Poor row next to us!} - we headed home to play with toys and relax. was onto Grandma Lamoreaux's for ham dinner and more gift exchanges.  The kids made out like bandits!

Sparky pillow pet

Cardinals pillow pet and new flat hat.

The adults of the fam started a SUPER FUN new gift exchange.  Instead of giving to siblings and mom and dad...EACH COUPLE was in charge of purchasing ONE $40 gift. And ALL of them were good.  It was a win win situation.  {Cheesecake Factory gift card, Texas Roadhouse gift card, movie tix to name a few!} We got in a circle and then played a little game with the gifts.  We were allowed to 'steal' a gift up to twice and it was TONS o' FUN.  Everyone came out a winner.

We capped the night off by.....celebrating Hannukah?!?

That's right!  Nothing says MERRY CHRISTMAS at the Lamoreaux's like lighting a menorah!  For reals.  How lucky were we?  Eric brought his Hannukah loot and was able to show the kids how the Jewish get it done.  LOVE that my kids are becoming culturally diverse!  

The day was...well....perfect.  We are blessed.  So blessed.

Thanks to my darling parents for making it all possible.


  1. Marci, thanks so much for sharing your Christmas Day with us. I love your gift exchange idea. Looks like a beautiful day for all

  2. Just ran across your blog!! Love it!!!
    Monica Ruffin