Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Traditions.

2009 - Grant and Carson at the Polar Express.


the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs,information, etc., from generation to generation, especiallyby word of mouth or by practice: a story that has come down tous by popular tradition.

Grant has his first ever Oral Presentation due next week for his first grade class.  Lucky for us, it's on one of my very favorite topics.  TRADITIONS. Which got me thinking about the traditions, new and old that we've started as a family.  I know as I was growing up and just a kid myself...our FAMILY TRADITIONS were one of my VERY FAVORITE things about Christmas.  Since I always enjoy NEW ideas for traditions...I thought, why not share OUR traditions as a family for others to see and maybe use.  {That's the best thing about blogging ya know.....the whole SHARING part!}

Coombs Family Traditions

* Each year on Dec. 1st we start our BOOK tradition.  The kids absolutely LOVE this one!  They take turns each night opening the book and then we take it upstairs and read it before bedtime.

* On Christmas Eve during the day, we make Gingerbread houses.  And by MAKE...I the kits at the store, assemble and decorate with candy. We all decorate ONE house together but as the kids get older, we will probably start to have them EACH decorate their own.

* Every year on Christmas, they each receive a NEW ornament to add to their collection.  I've been doing this since they were born.  The ornament always has something to do with their past year.  Last year...Grant got a little red school house since it was his first year of school in Kindergarten. {Carson will probably get something similar this year!}  THIS year, London is getting the Disney Rapunzel ornament since well, Tangled has pretty much been her obsession all year long. The kids each have their own small-ish Christmas trees in their bedrooms and they get to decorate these with THEIR ornaments. They LOVE opening their boxes each year and seeing what they have received from years past.

* One Monday night in December, we take the kids to the Dollar Tree.  We take them each in separately and let them each pick out a present for their siblings and Joe and I.  This is priceless.  Watching them hum and ha over which $ item their brother and sister would like the best....totally fun! We then go home and let them each wrap up their presents and put them under the tree.  They are always SO excited to see everyone's faces on Christmas morning when we open these up.

* The cousins on the Lamoreaux side of the family all draw names and are in charge of buying that cousin a Christmas gift for $20 or under.  They are always SO excited to pick these out and hand deliver them to their cousins on Christmas day.

* Joe and I have started a tradition of watching Christmas Vacation and/or A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed. We open up OUR gifts to one another at midnight.  {We are usually so excited to share our goodies with each other...we can't wait until Christmas morning.  We are not very good secret keepers :)} 

So there you have it.  What are YOUR favorite Christmas traditions?  

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