Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The most Wonderful Time of the Year...

How is it that my very favorite time of year...just happens to always end up...the VERY BUSIEST time of the year?  We have been going non-stop here at the Coombs casa lately.  

We've been:

Party-ing it up with Carson and Grant's class Christmas parties!  Yes...that would be my son doing who knows what in the gray shirt.  I love that he is a foot shorter than the rest of the boys in his!

Eating WAY too much sugar.  I really think Santa needs to re-think his stocking stuffers now.

Visiting with the big man himself.  He made his grand appearance AT OUR HOUSE last night.  It was kind of a big deal.

Celebrating birthdays.  Grant turns 7 tomorrow {gasp!} and my nephew turned 14 yesterday {double gasp!}  We had a little joint bday bash tonight and Grant was in hog heaven.

Grandma Lamoreaux gave her traditional 'money box'.  It just never gets old.

And this picture is just for my dad.  Because so many people say that my boys are ' mini me's' of him.  Ralphinator.  Gotta love him.

London on the other hand?

She's all Joe.

Add to all of this Christmas, shopping, wrapping, baking and....did I mention...buying a new transmission for my car?  The joys just never seem to end around here! 


  1. Hey Marci! I love your blog and read it all the time. You have such wonderful ideas. Now, I must know what this money box is and how to do it. Please share!! Best to you and your family this holiday. Ginny

  2. Ginny! I love that you read my blog! :) The money box is where you get 20 crisp $1 bills and tape the all together on the ends. Then you fold them back and forth according style to place in a box. You stick just a little bit of the dollar bill coming out of a slit on the top and then they get to pull out all of the bills one by one. Does this make sense??!? The kids LOVE it!

  3. Awesome. Totally doing this for my nephews. I was struggling for that last gift. This will be perfect. THANKS!