Monday, December 5, 2011

Polar Express {or P to the E as we like to call it}!

Christmas Jammies!

Side Note: Joe and I have nicknames and abbreviations for just about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.  {Just ask our friends.  They make fun of us for it}.  For instance.  The OG = The Olive Garden.  A soda fountain DRINK = Sqwa-zink.  Floridino's {our favorite Italian spot} = Nino-Nino's.  Disneyland = The DL. I guess it's kind of like our own secret language.  As lame as that may sound.  Which is why we call THE POLAR EXPRESS....the P to the E.  There really is no other justifiable reason.  

Now...back to our regularly scheduled blog post...Here is our HIGHLIGHT picto-reel from our fun filled visit to the North Pole:

It SNOWED while we were there.  HUGE Highlight!

Carson made snow angels.....

Grant made snowballs......

And London FROZE while looking EVER so cute in her new knit hat while prancing around as a walking advertisement for Pfizer.  What the?! 

We ate at quite possibly my favorite restaurant in the ENTIRE state of AZ....

Everything there is homemade.  Including their PIES.  Oh.....their pies.  This place is a MUST if you are ever in the Williams, AZ 'hood.

The kids got to visit with Mrs. Claus....

...and write letters to Santa.

Oh yeah....and the actual train ride itself?  A HUGE hit!

The 'chefs' served us HOT CHOCOLATE....

We 'spotted' the REAL NORTH POLE!.......

London zonked out 5 minutes into the ride.....

And Mr. C. himself made his grand debut.  Popular to contrary belief...he thanked the kids for being so 'good' this year.  Boy do they have HIM fooled!

Carson, yellow slimy booger and all {see nose} claimed it was 'The BEST Vacation EVER!'  

Mission Accomplished.

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! (even the little boogey man) Love that you two have your own language!


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