Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today my favorite oldest son turns seven.  SEVEN! It seems like just yesterday we were driving him home from the hospital.  It was Christmas Eve.  And I remember it vividly.  

I remember finding out that my first child was going to be a BOY.  A boy!?! As horrible as it may sound...I was scared.  I didn't know....boys.  I thought FOR SURE I was having a GIRL.  I was nervous    I remember talking to my mom on the phone right after finding out.  I remember her telling me that my relationship with this sweet little boy would be like no other.  She told me that having a BOY FIRST....was the best way to have it!!  {She herself had a boy older brother she knows these things!}  She reassured me that my bond with this first boy...would be special.  And unique.  

And she was right.

You see...I can't imagine NOT having my Grant come FIRST.  He's the ringleader of our crazy bunch.  And such a SWEET and CARING older brother.  

And I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY. 

Happy Birthday sweet Grant.  You'll always be my favorite OLDEST child! 

Grant at 6 months.  He's had style and personality since the day he was born.

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  1. Love that kid! Happy Birthday Grant! Wish we could come visit!


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