Sunday, January 15, 2012

'Being an Example' handout.

Today's lesson at church was #3 - "Following the Example of Jesus Christ".  

I found these cute little containers at Scrapbooks, Etc. as well as the stickers that I placed on top.  {I just added the ribbon and felt pieces to 'jazz' em up a little}. In the manual, it told the story of a girl who was frustrated with her life and had been given the challenge to  live for 24 hours as if Christ were beside her.  This change made all the difference in her daily life.  

So the purpose of these containers you ask?  The girls were challenged to take one piece of candy out each morning to eat.  As they did that, they were to remember the story from the lesson and think of how Christ's example...could influence them for good that day. They were also treat each day as if our Savior were to walk beside them.


  1. The YW in your ward are so lucky to have you! You make the cutest things for them. Love these.

  2. What a neat way to impress this lesson on their day to day lives. I think I'll try this with my Girls class. Thanks!