Monday, January 2, 2012

Church Lesson - Daughter of God.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach our darling bunch of Young Women.  The lesson was #1 from Manual 1 and titled "Daughter of God". I just love the message of this lesson! I showed THIS clip from youtube {music from Jenny Phillips} titled Daughter of a King and then I tied in my handouts/treats with that same message.  

I've discovered girls in general love glitter.  Lots of glitter.

I used my cookie cutter and traced out the crowns.  I printed out the saying, glued it in the middle and then went crazy with my silver sparklies.

I can't teach and NOT give out treats.  I just don't have it in me.  I found the CROWN cookie cutter at Hobby Lobby for 59 cents.  The dots on the tops of the crown are sugar balls.  


  1. These are just so precious for young womens. I love them. I hope one day to be called to serve in the Young Womens. xo, jen

  2. Lots of great ideas on your blog! I love them!

    I'm curious, as we have been asked by the First Pres'y to not to give treats/food at church. Do you give them out at the end for the YW to take home? We have tried that, but they eat them as soon as they get out the door. Now that we end YW at 5:30, it's going to be even harder to not let them eat...